Alienware Aurora R7 Vs R8 in 2020 – Ultimate Review

Alienware Aurora R8 is an upgrade form the Aurora R7; however, most of the features except for the price points and GPU are similar, as we shall find out below. 

Both units are pretty advanced when compared to most gaming computers in the market. 

For one, they have expansive storage space and have incorporated features that make them versatile.

Upgradability is unquestionable in both units, and even more important is that you don’t need tools to access the chassis, which goes for both the units. 

Cooling features take the most space from the outlook. Both machines are also pretty versatile and offer crystal clear images and faster load speeds.

Design of the Alienware Aurora R8 and R7

Alienware Aurora
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The Alienware Aurora R8 is one intelligent gaming unit for professionals and a good investment that equals the price. 

The R8 has a mature and straightforward image enhanced by the front’s alien logo on the outside. 

On the side, it features quite some impressive aesthetics with the three led lights, which users have been given the freedom to customize.

One of the qualities of a good gaming computer is its ability to upgrade. Getting into the Aurora R8 is easy as you just need to remove the screw on one of the grey sides and access the chassis where you can replace the Graphics Unit Processor (GPU), the hard drives, or the RAM. 

The R8 chassis has also been equipped with two extra slots with which you can put an additional hard drive to the already provided.

Alienware Aurora R8 is a mass of features and has included extra features to encourage versatility and to enhance performance. 

To which end, you have been provided with extra ports, both at the back and the front of the unit, and up to three different options for connecting your monitor on the video card, and here you have an HDMI, a display port, and a USB-C.

And if you check from other renowned gaming PCs, you will realize that not many of them have many audio outputs to handle the surround sound system compared to the Aurora R8.

Still, on design, the Alienware Aurora R8 is similar to the R7 featuring the same Alienware logo. 

Heating is not an option for the R7 given the exhausts at the top, on the right side, and at the front. 

The same goes for the R8; however, this feature tends to eat up a lot of space. 

The chassis of the R7 contains upgradable hardware, and the best thing about is that they are tool-less.

Both machines are very portable, and you can easily relocate it using the handle at the top. 

Connectivity to whichever device has been enhanced by the inclusion of many ports. For example, at the back, gamers have been provided with six USB 2.0, a display port, and a mic port, among others. 

The front also has three 3.0 USB ports. In essence, is that it is just impossible to get stuck on anything with this gaming PC.

Performance of the Alienware Aurora R8 vs. R7

Alienware Aurora R8 is a performance-oriented gaming computer that will give a stunning performance when running the AAA games. 

The reason being that overclocking has been enabled since the unit is equipped with an 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8700 processor. 

And the fact that it has incorporated the Nvidia GeforceRTX 2070, the resolution during gaming is brilliant with up to 60 frames per second.

Aurora R8 features an Extreme Range Technology. Here you will be able to enjoy a superb performance even at long range. 

The two external 5GHz signal amplifiers have been added for additional efficiency at longer distances. 

The unit has also been equipped with both the low noise and the external amplifier that collaborate to maximize the Wi-Fi range and amplify the wireless signals for quick data delivery.

The Alienware Aurora R7 has been equipped with Intel Core i7 8700k that is known to boost performance with six cores and has 12 threads and an impressive 4.7 GHz boost clock, which is also one of the fastest clocks from Intel. 

And just like R8, the CPU has been unlocked so that users can overclock to achieve faster speeds.

Adrenaline junkies will love the incorporated Graphics Processing Unit (GeForce GTX 1080 Ti) that is known to offer up to 3x increased performance. 

You can also forget the slow loading speeds because the Alienware Aurora R7 has a 16GB GDDR5X equipped, especially for the video memory, which helps the frame buffer offer faster loading with zero chances of noticeable latency.

The provided 1TB hard drive enables users to store an extensive collection of digital photos, HD videos, movies, and DVD quality movies.

Verdict on Alien Aurora R7 and R8

From the above information, it is obvious that there isn’t much difference between the Alienware Aurora R7 and R8. 

So if you were planning to upgrade to R8 given that it is the latest model, then you might just as well stick with your R7. 

The first major difference between the R8 and the R7 is that the former tends to be more expensive because of the optical drive.

The feature is lacking in the R7 and is not very functional in the R8 unless, of course, you are into burning and watching DVDs. 

However, don’t forget that you have been provided enough USB ports if you intend to watch movies either from a flash disk, your phone, or from an external hard disk. 

Another major difference between the Aurora R7 and R8 is the upgrade feature in the later the RTX 2070 graphics, while R7 features the GTX 1070 graphics.

A closer look into the feature that makes the R7 different from R8 is that the GeForce GTX 1070 is one of the most powerful graphics card, whose primary purpose is to provide gamers with a smooth experience during gaming. 

On the other hand, the Nvidia RTX 2070 offers gamers an impressive graphics card that, in the long run, enables 4k gaming.

Ray tracing and DLSS are some of the enabled features by the RTX 2070.

Alienware – Aurora R7 Desktop – Intel Core i7 – 16GB RAM 

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Alienware Aurora R7 Desktop is one of the high-end gaming computers that have incorporated the Intel core i7, now for those who are still green in the gaming industry, you might not be aware of the power of the Core i7.

It is a high-end processor that works better than i5 when it comes to carrying out the heavy-duty jobs such as the intense gaming sessions, graphics, and video editing or data crunching.

Therefore, the i7 processor features a larger cache and has a higher clock speed, among other exciting features. 

Gamers using this unit can enjoy seamless services, and this extends to multitasking; the feature has been enabled by the provided 16GB system memory. 

If you are using the PlayStation 4 and want to install games on the SSDs, then you should ensure that your computer has a CPU of about 500GB.

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However, with the Aurora R7, you have been provided with 1TB, a feature that enables faster read times.


  • Provides users with a smooth gaming experience
  • The unit is highly upgradable
  • Features a simple design with a handle at the top
  • Has incorporated many cooling features


  • Retails at a steep price
  • The fan is a bit noisy 

Alienware Aurora R8|8Th Gen Intel Core i7 8700 6-Core

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Gaming professionals must be having a ball with this unit simply because it is totally upgradeable and will not have you looking for tools to swap the various hard drives. 

The unit’s performance is also top-notch, and here you get up to three features, all of which have been specially designed to provide you with a seamless performance.

First, you can overclock the unit, and during gaming, you will be immersed in some of the most stunning graphics. 

Crisp and clear should be the word to describe the computer’s clarity, which has been enabled by the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 graphics. 

Another feature is the Extreme Range technology that helps improve your performance if you are gaming at a longer distance.

Lastly, there is a high speed and hardcore feature equipped to ensure that gaming performance and capacity has been maximized.


  • Features an innovative tool-less access
  • The make has incorporated a simple design and noiseless
  • The integrated alien command center allows users to view their games in one place
  • Lighting customization is enabled by the Alien FX


  • Comes at a very steep price
  • Some units don’t last very long

The anatomy of a good gaming computer


A gaming processor will ensure that your gaming PC has good speed and performance, and this is especially important for a gaming computer so that users can really enjoy the games. 

To which end, you could pick a computer that has the Intel Core i5 processor or one that is an Intel core i7.


A graphics card is the one used to produce images to the monitor, and this is achieved by converting data into a signal that your monitor can easily understand. 

Good graphics will, therefore, give you smooth and clear images.

Hence, you can check among the many options, such as the Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080. This is actually the best that money can buy or the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660, which is very affordable with impeccable performance.


Motherboards support our computer graphics card and all the other components that your computer requires to function properly. 

Some of the best motherboards are the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro Wi-Fi, an intel motherboard, and then we also have the Asus ROG Maximum XI Code Z390, which is one of the high-end Intel motherboards.

Remember that motherboards don’t have a significant role in the performance of your computer. 

However, it can limit your hardware options, and here we are talking about the graphics card, memory, and CPU. 

The above is now what can affect your PC’s performance.

Power supply

Many people overlook the power supply. 

They don’t realize that if you don’t get an efficient power supply for your computer hardware, functions will be limited. 

You will most likely see your computer behaving sluggishly, or the screen will become blue and will probably shut down. 

So to avoid the above, ensure that the capacity of your power supply will suffice your computer’s needs.


Too much heat is the worst disease your computer can suffer from. 

Anytime you are gaming, the hardware components tend to get very hot, leading them to start rewinding their speed as they try not to overheat. 

Check, for example, the Alienware Aurora has been equipped with three cooling options, one at the top, the other at the front, and the sides.

So, if you are gaming with these units, then you can be sure of zero delays during gaming and fewer chances of your components overheating.

Optical Drive 

Optical drives are generally needed for gamers who wish to install games from compact disks. 

And unless you have to insert the disk during gaming, you don’t need a gaming pc with the said feature, and besides, most of the latest computers are phasing out the part.


Your screen resolution can really demand a lot from your graphics card, and with that in mind, you should know that if you play games with very high resolution, then your graphics card will most of the time become overloaded. 

And to avoid the above, you can just adjust your monitor’s resolution and tone it down a bit.

There are, however, some high capacity graphics cards that will give you a crystal clear resolution.

Final Verdict

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There is a tiny difference between the Alienware Aurora R7 and R8, and that is in the Graphics Processing Unit and prices. Otherwise, everything else is the same. 

The two gaming units are the real beasts when it comes to gaming, given that they have been equipped with a tool-less chassis and many slots and ports for multitasking.

There you have it.

Do you think this PC still worth it on 2020?

Let me know by dropping a word below.

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