Are Gaming Laptops Good for School in 2021?

Many teenagers who are into gaming probably wish for, or already have, a gaming laptop. 

But as they are usually also students, they might wonder if it can also be used for school.

After all, laptops are not a cheap purchase, and having two separate laptops for gaming and academics is simply impractical. 

Gaming laptops can be used for school, but to know if they are any good, there are some things you need to understand.

Can You Use a Gaming Computer for School?

Despite all of its fancy specs and seemingly high-tech features, a gaming computer is, in essence, just an advanced version of a regular computer. 

This means there is no reason that it cannot be used for mundane tasks.

Gaming computers have everything you need to do the usual schoolwork, from a CPU, RAM, hard drive, and ports for various input or output devices. 

So yes, you can use a gaming computer for school.

All these considered gaming computers are typically larger, hotter, and more expensive. 

While this can give you a powerful performance and impressive graphics, it does not actually make day-to-day functions more efficient.

For example, a higher frame rate will not help you produce documents faster, a better graphics card will not make your slideshows prettier, and rendering websites will still take up the same time.

Although we cannot deny those general computing improvements may give you a slight edge in terms of productivity.

This includes faster boot and load time or better multitasking capacity.

With that said, it is not to say that you cannot use a gaming computer for school-related purposes. 

In fact, if you already have a dedicated gaming computer at home, you might as well use it to do homework and school projects!

Are Gaming Laptops Good for college?

College students probably depend on their laptops even more, as assignments tend to be more computer-based these days. 

Naturally, those who already own a gaming laptop might wonder if it’s good for college tasks.

Whether a gaming laptop can be used for college, the answer is a resounding yes.

There’s no reason for you not to type up essays, create presentations, and conduct research on your gaming laptop. 

But is it good for academic purposes? 

Experts would argue that no, a gaming laptop may not be the most efficient choice for college.

Sure, gaming PCs generally have an advanced graphics card, more RAM and SSD, a robust power supply and cooling system, as well as RGB backlit keyboards. 

But these fancy features do not actually add any value to low intensity uses, like most college-related work.

Most importantly, gaming laptops are much more expensive, and it makes zero sense to buy them only for college. 

They are also heavy and bulky, which means carrying it around campus could be inconvenient.

However, if your studies are related to editing media and many graphics, the extra specs may prove useful. 

Due to the powerful specs and components inside a gaming laptop, the machine can be an excellent tool for content creation if your college studies are heavily involved with editing video, graphics, or even programming.

With these extra specs, you will find that rendering video will take a shorter time.

Doing graphics design on a gaming laptop also will gives you a great time because the screen on a gaming laptop is usually very color accurate.

What’s more important is that gaming laptops can also help students who want to play video games to relax. 

Many students suffer from stress and anxiety while they are in college. Video games have been known to help people relax and take their minds off school pressures. 

A student who owns a gaming laptop can play their favorite games whenever they have free time.

What’s The Difference Between a Gaming Laptop and a Regular Laptop?

So, you know that it is possible to use gaming laptops for school and college. 

But what is the difference between a gaming laptop and a regular laptop?

One of the main differences is the high-performance graphics card (GPU) of 512MB, 1GB, or even 2GB to provide enough memory and capacity for intense games, which will allow you to enjoy smooth gameplay. 

Whereas regular laptops are not as concerned with advanced graphics cards.

A gaming laptop will also have a powerful processor of at least the quality of Intel i5 or i7 to handle the intense graphics. 

Plus, its cooling system tends to be more powerful and advanced to keep the machine from overheating.

RAM is another important aspect of gaming laptops, usually with at least 8GB in 2021, when most normal laptops only come with 8GB. 

It is needed as the game content and variables are stored inside here.

Bigger screen sizes and higher resolution are sought after in a gaming laptop when it comes to the display. 

While this can be nice to watch videos from on a regular laptop, excessive specs may be unnecessary and superfluous for simple school purposes.

Therefore, all these powerful components will create a difference in terms of price, with gaming laptops having a higher price tag than regular ones.

Conclusion: Are Gaming Laptops Good for School?

You can always use your gaming laptop for school at the end of the day if you already have it. 

However, buying one for the sole purpose of school or college work isn’t the wisest thing to do.

While you can still perform regular tasks and run general applications on a gaming laptop, its high-performance technology will unnecessarily drive up its prices. 

Still, if you do a lot of video editing, graphics designing, or programming in your school, gaming laptops can be a good choice for you.

The powerful combination of processor, graphics card, and RAM will surely help you complete your school assignment faster and easier.

Plus, gaming laptops are good for school because you can play your favorite games with those laptops.

Playing your favorite games can help you relax and take off some stress from your school assignments. 

Also, playing video games brings many benefits to a student, for instance, an increase in creativity and problem-solving skills.

So there you have it!

Now I want to hear from you. 

Do you think a gaming laptop will be good for school?

Are you using a gaming laptop in school?

Let us know in the comment below.


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