Can A Gaming Laptop be Used for Video Editing? ABSOLUTELY!

Can a gaming laptop be used for video editing?

I get questions about gaming laptops a lot.  One of the many questions people ask me is whether they can use their gaming laptops for video editing tasks.  And my answer will be, “Yes! Absolutely!” A gaming laptop can easily handle video editing tasks because most gaming laptops these days come with powerful CPU and GPU …

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PS4 vs Gaming Laptop in 2020. Everything You Need To Know!

PS4 vs Gaming Laptop

Are you trying to find the answer for the age-old debate on whether PS4 is better than a gaming laptop? Whether you should spend your hard-earned cash on buying a console in 2020 or acquiring a gaming laptop for your game consumption? Finding which one is better than the other will depend on the kind …

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Phenom Next Headset Review

The primary idea behind gaming is to have major fun, and what better way to achieve this than by using a gaming headset that will offer a realistic hyper auditory experience.  The Phenom Next Headset is a product of Merkury innovations specially designed for professional gamers; the headsets have been ergonomically designed to offer gamers …

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Gaming Laptop vs Xbox One X

Gaming laptop vs Xbox one X

Gaming laptops are high powered when compared to ordinary laptops because they have to counter the intensive gaming activities. The laptops, therefore, come prebuilt with gorgeous displays, powerful graphics, and impressive audio, especially when output thorough a powerful speaker system. Virtual reality handsets can also be used with gaming laptops, to enhance game experience. And …

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Do You Need Graphics Card for Gaming?

Do you need graphics card for gaming?

For a truly immersive gaming experience, one of the things you need is a proper display and impressive graphics. To play a high-definition game like Call of Duty or even watch high-resolution videos like 4K movies in Netflix, you need enhanced visual features. Even aside from gaming, graphics matter for non-gamers as well. Simply put, …

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