Ultimate Buying Guide for The Best Gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti

If you are looking to buy the best gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti, then you’ve come to the right place. 

This post will show you the ten best gaming PC builds for 2020 with RTX 2080 Tis in them. 

These builds are all great for gaming on Ultra, 1440p, or even 4K resolution. 

Some of these builds are great for streaming, and some of them are more affordable as well.

The gaming PCs in this article were put together with price, performance, and reliability in mind so that you can buy with confidence.

Best Overall: Corsair One

Image source: Amazon.com

The Corsair One is a mighty machine that comes with a small footprint. It is very ideal if you want to save some space on your gaming setup.

Although it comes in a small and compact case, the Corsair One has liquid cooling inside the system, allowing the machine to run cool and silent.

Why Having a Gaming PC RTX with 2080 Ti?

There are many things you need to take into consideration when purchasing a gaming computer. 

The most important is the graphics card or the video card, which is the main factor in determining your system’s performance. 

If you want to play the latest games at maximum quality and resolution, you need a top-of-the-line video card such as RTX 2080 TI.

The RTX 2080 TI is one of the most incredible video cards from NVIDIA. It is designed with 4K gaming and VR gaming in mind. 

It can play any game at 60 frames per second at 4K resolution with maximum visual quality settings. 

This video card is perfect for a high-end gaming rig that you can use to play the latest games, such as Battlefield V, Fallout 76, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, and many others.

This video card is also perfect for playing virtual reality games. 

It can provide a smooth, immersive VR experience with a high frame rate and low latency. 

The RTX 2080 TI has many features that make it the best choice for a gaming PC. 

It has dedicated processors to accelerate artificial intelligence and programmable shaders to make graphics more realistic. 

It also has a dedicated processor to accelerate ray tracing and programmable shaders to make graphics more realistic.

This video card is perfect for building a high-end gaming rig. I t can provide a smooth, immersive gaming experience with a high frame rate and low latency.

Enough with the RTX 2080 Ti; let us dive right to the 7 Best Gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti in 2020! 

Corsair One [Best Overall]

Image source: Amazon.com

The first one on the list is the Corsair One. A quiet, compact, and powerful gaming machine.

This is a powerful gaming rig that will enable you to run even the most demanding games smoothly and with great graphics. 

The processor of this machine is the AMD Ryzen 9 3900 X, which has a base frequency of 3.8GHz and can be boosted up to a whopping 4.6GHz.

It comes with 12-cores and 24-threads, allowing this machine to be capable of any game or productivity application you want to run.

This processor is paired with the powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 TI, which has 11GB of ultra-fast GDDR6 memory. 

You can run up to four 4K HDR displays with the Corsair One if you are into gaming with a multiple monitor setup.

Suppose the AMD Ryzen 9 3900 X is not enough for whatever reason for you; in that case, the Corsair One also comes with AMD Ryzen 9 3950 X with 16-cores 32-threads that are even more powerful in running games and productivity apps like video editing or graphic design.

What we love about this gaming PC is its compact size. It comes in 12 liters cases that take desk space less than your laptop.

The Corsair One was also built very well, with no wobble or low-quality parts in its system.

The cooling on this gaming rig is also excellent, with a liquid cooling inside the system. 

The liquid cooling and massive fans on top of the case is capable of cooling the massive CPU and the full-sized RTX 2080 Ti while remaining relatively silent.

All in all, because of its compact size and performance, the Corsair One is our pick for the best RTX 2080 Ti Gaming PC in 2020.

MSI MEG Trident 

Image source: Amazon.com

The MSI MEG Trident is another small form factor gaming PC on our list.

This small and compact gaming machine comes with a 10th gen Intel i9 10900K processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, and 64GB of DDR4 RAM.

With this configuration of CPU, GPU, and plenty of RAM, playing games on this little machine will be an enjoyable experience.

Not only gaming, but this gaming machine will also be competent in doing heavy editing and productivity task that requires massive computational power.

The desktop also comes with a 1TB hard drive and a 1TB solid-state drive. 

The desktop is VR ready, and it has 4 USB 3.1 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, a Display Port, and a Gigabit Ethernet port. 

What’s good about the gaming PC is that the desktop also comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

The MEG trident also has excellent cooling, with a built-in liquid cooling system.

The only drawback of this gaming PC is that we found some parts of the gaming machine are not high quality.

Compared to the Corsair One that is built very solid, the MSI MEG Trident comes with some wobbly parts and cheap materials.

However, these wobbly parts and inferior materials choice only visible if you look at the gaming PC from a very close distance.

Looking from afar, this gaming PC has one of the best designs in a gaming machine we have ever seen.

MITXPC Ray Tracing Mini Gaming PC

Image source: Amazon.com

Okay, by now, you might be realizing that we love small and compact gaming PC.

We live in a small apartment without plenty of spaces for a gaming PC.

So we always gravitate towards the small and light gaming rig with powerful performance.

The MITXPC Ray Tracing Mini Gaming PC is one of those machines.

The desktop is tiny, and you can place the gaming rig anywhere around the house.

This tiny PC has a 9th gen Intel core i7 9700K processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, and 32 GB of DDR4 RAM.

With that configuration, this little gaming machine can run all AAA titles you play with ease.

The only drawback this machine has compared to all the other gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti on this list is that the MITXPC only comes with 9th Gen Intel CPU.

However, compared to PC on the list, this small gaming PC setup’s price is excellent.

What we also like about this gaming PC is

that is very powerful for its small size. 

It can run any game at maximum graphics with ease. 

The desktop is also perfect for multitasking, and it can run and do multiple things at once without slowing down. 

Plus, it runs very silently and quiets when we test our products under heavy load. 

The MITXPC also comes with excellent and clean cable management, which is always a plus to us too.

Omen by HP Obelisk Gaming Desktop Computer

Image source: Amazon.com

Now let us move on to the next gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti.

This one is from HP, and it’s called the Omen by HP Obelisk gaming desktop computer. 

The Omen has a 9th gen Intel core i9 9900 K processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics card, and 16GB of DDR4 RAM.

It also comes with a 1TB solid-state drive to store all your gaming data and applications.

We love this gaming rig because it is easy to open the PC to upgrade the parts. 

You can quickly get inside the gaming PC without any tools, making upgrading this PC very easy if you want to upgrade some parts in the future.

This machine also has a very sleek and unique look. 

The entire chassis is made of metal and has a black finish on it. 

It also has red trimming on the side, which adds to the appeal of this gaming PC.

However, you want to note that this PC runs a bit hot. 

Although HP did include software to control thermal and fans, we found that their software was lacking.

We recommend installing a 3rd party fan controller software on this gaming PC right away so you can push this gaming PC to its limit without throttling issue.

ROG Strix GA35 Gaming Desktop PC

Image source: Amazon.com

The next gaming desktop on our list is the powerful and expensive ROG Strix GA35 Gaming Desktop PC. 

This beast of a machine comes with a 10-cores, 20-threads 3.7 GHz Intel Core i9-10900K processor that can be boosted to a whopping 5.20 GHz. 

It is the best consumer-level processor from Intel you can buy right now. 

This machine also has an 11GB NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti video card, which is one of the best video cards out in the market right now. 

Coupled with a 32GB high-speed RAM, if you want to play games in 4K at a high frame rate, then this is the best choice for you.

It also comes with a 1TB PCIe NVMe SSD, which is a high-speed storage to ensure your games and system boot up quickly.

If 1TB is not enough to store all your games and data, this gaming PC also comes with hot-swap SSD bay features where you can easily add two external SSD hard drive into the system.

This gaming PC comes with liquid cooling and comprehensive cooling multi-chamber setups to cool all of these powerful components.

It allows the system to run cool so that you can game on the highest performance for a very long time.

If money is not an issue for you, this beast of a gaming machine can be the best gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti for you.

It can run any games you throw at it without any lag in the highest settings possible.

Eluktronics OMEN 30L Gaming Desktop [Budget Choice]

image source: Amazon.com

We chose the next gaming PC for the budget gamers on the mind.

This next gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti is the cheapest and most affordable among the others mentioned in this list.

The Eluktronics Omen 30L Gaming Desktop comes with 10th Generation Intel Core i7-10700K, a speedy processor.

It has 8-cores, 16-threads processors that run with a base clock of 3.8GHz, and overclockable to 5.1GHz.

This processor, paired with Nvidia 11GB RTX 2080 Ti, can play any games you throw at it in 4K in the highest resolution.

The Eluktronics Omen 30L Gaming Desktop also comes with 16GB of 3200Mhz RAM and 512GB high-speed SSD, making the gaming rig ideals for a gaming desktop in 2020.

However, being cheaper than the competition means that there will be drawbacks to this machine.

For instance, our review and test suggested that this gaming PC runs a bit hotter than the other on this list.

This is due to the poor choice of the case used in this gaming PC.

You can always make the gaming PC cooler by tinkering manually with the fan settings, increasing the fan speed.

However, by increasing the fan speed to cool the system better, expect an increase in fan noise. 

If you usually play with a good gaming headphone, this should not be a problem for you.

All in all, the Eluktronics Gaming PC is one of the Best Gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti we can find on the market today.

It is cheaper than most gaming PCs we found and tested and delivered an almost identical performance with a lower acquisition cost.

Reviewing The Best Gaming Computers With RTX 2080 Ti

Whether you are a pro gamer or an entry-level gamer, you know that performance is an essential minimum in gaming. 

There are a few things to consider before you purchase your machine.


Your RTX 2080 Ti graphics card comes with GDDR6 technology most of the time. 

This means that having a RAM below 16 GB will create bottlenecks in your performance. 

With the high performance on the graphics card reviewed here, the gamer would need to have a PC whose RAM is enough to avoid lags during use. 

For this card, we would recommend a big RAM capacity, especially for the multitasking gamer.

Cooling System

The gaming computer using the RTX 2080 Ti graphics card is built for top-notch performance and gaming. 

You will be lost in your virtual reality for hours at a time. 

The question is, can your gaming PC handle these long hours of heating? 

We advise that you go for a gaming computer with the best cooling system. 

Liquid cooling systems and fans have often worked well together to give the gamer a good time with their PC. 

For your cooling system, look for a trusted name. 

An efficient cooling system will keep your machine working better for longer.

Accompanying Components

If we are totally honest, RTX 2080 Ti graphic cards are expensive purchases. 

That said, you need to go for a PC that does not compromise on other components just to cover the cost of the graphics card. 

An excellent graphics card with unsupportive components is just as annoying as a good computer with poor performance. 

Consider the products and the companies producing them. 

Are they dependable? What reviews do they get from users? 

This applies in the case where you will ever need to upgrade or customize your computer.

What is the Best CPU for 2080 Ti?

If money and budget is not a problem for you, of course, the best CPU to pair with your Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti will be the top of the line CPU from Intel or AMD.

From Intel, the best CPU for 2080 Ti will be the 10th gen Intel i9 – 10900K

If you go with AMD instead, the best CPU for 2080 Ti will be the AMD Threadripper series.

Both of the CPU we mention above will be more than enough to run and fully utilize your RTX 2080 Ti.

However, if money and budget is a concern when choosing the best CPU for 2080 Ti, things can be quite tricky.

The RTX 2080 Ti is the latest and greatest graphics card from Nvidia. 

It’s also the most powerful graphics card you can buy today. 

If you want to play games at 4K with everything cranked all the way up, this is the card you want. 

But what’s also needed is a good CPU to pair with it. 

You don’t want a bottleneck, after all. 

The RTX 2080 Ti is a powerful card that can easily push over 100 frames per second in today’s most demanding games. 

That means you’re going to need a powerful CPU to pair with it if you want to maintain that 100+ FPS. 

But what exactly is the best CPU for 2080 Ti? 

We have tested a couple of CPU from our test lab to run with the RTX 2080 Ti. 

From the tests, we found out that actually, you don’t need an expensive CPU to pair with your 2080 Ti to fully utilize its performance.

If the budget is a major concern for you, the best CPU to pair with your RTX 2080 Ti is the Ryzen 3700X.

It has enough power to fully utilize 2080 Ti to deliver smooth and enjoyable gaming performance without breaking your bank.

From Intel side, we found that the i7 – 10700 K is more than enough to draw the performance and graphical power from the 2080 Ti.

These CPUs are designed to pair with high-end graphics cards and deliver excellent gaming performance.

Final Thoughts: Best Gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti

There you have it.

Our list of the best gaming PC with RTX 2080 Ti that you can buy today, pre-assembled.

Don’t forget to frequently check for discount code and promo as from our experience, these computers with RTX 2080 Ti often go on sale.

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