[ANSWERED] Can You Play Brawl Stars on Chromebook? Here’s What You Need to Know in 2021!

In this post, we will answer the question: can you play Brawl Stars on Chromebook?

Many people have been wondering whether they can play Brawl Stars on their Chromebook.

To be honest with you, you cannot play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook. Brawl Stars is a game developed specifically for iOS and Android mobile users. So playing on a Chromebook with ChromeOS would not be possible.

However, some people have found several ways to install and play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook.

So if you want to know more about this, let’s get started!

Can You Play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook?

Many people have asked the same question, “Can You Play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook?”.

Many people even tried to download and install it on Chromebook.

Even after successfully installing Brawl Stars on a Chromebook, launching the game is another different problem.

The result:

Brawl Stars is still not playable on a Chromebook. 

It just shows just a blank black screen or displays a message that your device is not compatible.

So to answer the question above:

No, you cannot play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook. It’s clear on the Play Store page they mentioned that Brawl Stars is only for mobile. Besides, they also said that Brawl Stars is only for Android and IOS on the official website.

So, Chromebook with its Chrome OS is not compatible to play Brawl Stars.

We guess Supercell, the developer of the game, would not allow that. 

The game would be in an imbalance.

Keyboard and mouse input is different from the thumb input on a mobile phone. 

Besides, the Chromebook screen size is also way larger compared to tablet and phone screens.

These will give more advantage to Chromebook.

It’s not fair, so Supercell makes this game incompatible with Chromebook.

However, some people successfully installed and play Brawl Stars on Chromebook.

There is some way you might try to get around. 

However, it doesn’t guarantee success.

Keep on reading…

How to Play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook

Although you cannot play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook officially, some people have attempted to install and play Brawl Stars on their Chromebooks.

One of the ways to play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook is using Bluestacks.

Home screen of Bluestacks

Bluestacks is an emulator that allows you to run android apps on your Chromebook.

It is one of the most used Android emulators in the world.

Please note that you can get into trouble if you decide to follow this method on how to play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook.

As Supercell’s Term of Service mentioned, you may get in trouble if you are playing Brawl Stars using an emulator. 

Plus, we can’t guarantee it will work successfully on your Chromebook as various people report different results.

So one way to install Brawl Stars on your Chromebook is by using Bluestacks.

First of all, you want to download Bluestacks to your Chromebook.

There are two ways you can download Bluestacks. 

First, If your Chromebook has Google Play Store enabled, you can just go to the store and search for Bluestacks.

Secondly, if your Chromebook does not have Google Play Store, you can install Bluestacks using the Chrome Web Store.

Now, after you finish installing Bluestacks, open the apps and go to the Google Play Store.

Here, you just need to search for Brawl Stars and download the game.

Once the game is downloaded and installed, you can just open the apps on your Bluestacks home screen and play the game normally.

Sounds very simple right?

But let me remind you.

Running Bluestacks is not easy. 

It requires 4GB of RAM and a powerful processor.

So if you have a low-spec Chromebook, you might not be able to run this app.

But yeah, that’s how you play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook.

What Devices Can You Play Brawl Stars On?

You can play Brawl Stars on mobile devices running Android and iOS.

Furthermore, Brawl Stars is not a heavy game that requires powerful phone like ROG phones, for example.

The minimum system requirement of this game is quite forgiving.

Thanks to its cartoonish figure, the graphic doesn’t overly tax process usage much.

Supercell specifies the minimum requirement of the iPhone or iPad to run Brawl Stars on their website.

The minimum RAM is 1GB, while the minimum space is 250 MB free space on the drive. 

While the OS has to be at least iOS 9.0

It means you can play it on an iPhone 5s. 

However, the screen is too small. 

Ideally, you want to play it on iPhone 6s or higher.

Now talking about Android phones, it’s not that different.

Brawl Stars can run on Android 4.3 or beyond. 

It’s also specified that it can run on 512 MB RAM. 

It means you can play it on a low-end Android phone. 

However, we do not recommend it as it may lag and stutter.

Any mediocre android phone from 3 years should be able to play this game smoothly.

Can You Play Brawl Stars with a Controller?

Image credit: commonsensemedia.org

No, you cannot play Brawl Stars with a controller, officially.

Somebody had asked Supercell for it, and the answer is no. 

One of Supercell’s reps said that controllers are not supported because they are third-party devices that are against Supercell’s Term of Service.

Besides, the game will be in imbalance if Brawl Stars decided to allow controllers to be used.

So currently, the game only supports touch-screen controls.

The same reps state that the UI, control and everything are designed for touch screen, so if you use a controller, you won’t have the most fun in Brawl Stars.

How Much RAM does Brawl Stars Need?

According to the game official supports page, Brawl Stars will need a minimum of 0.5GB of RAM on Android and 1GB of RAM on iOS devices.

However, as you know, we always recommend you to double the minimum RAM value that you get from games’ minimum system requirement.

In this case, you want at least 2GB of RAM if you’re going to have a great time on Brawl Stars.

If you plan to play this game using Bluestacks on your Chromebook, you will need even more RAM.

As Bluestacks will need 2GB of RAM alone, so you will need at least 4GB of RAM on your Chromebook to play Brawl Stars.

Remember, the more RAM you have, the better and smoother the game will be.

Also read: What Does RAM do for Gaming?

Final Words

To conclude everything, you cannot play Brawl Stars on a Chromebook. This is because Brawl Stars are designed only for iOS and Android Devices.

However, some players have successfully played Brawl Stars on their Chromebooks by using Bluestacks.

Remember, though, playing with an emulator is against Brawl Stars’ Terms of Service.

You might get in trouble if you choose to play using the method above.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about whether you can play Brawl Stars on Chromebook.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Do you think Brawl Stars should be available on a Chromebook?

Or do you think Chromebook should have more game supports from Google?

Either way, let us know from the comment box below.

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