How Long is Undertale? Here’s What The Average Gamers Told Me in 2021!

How long does it take to beat and finish Undertale? 

This is a question that many people have been asking themselves lately, but the answer isn’t as easy as you might think. 

Several factors go into how long it takes to beat and finish Undertale. 

But approximately, Undertale is a game around six to seven hours long. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing further about how long to beat Undertale thoroughly and how many endings there are in Undertale.

Let’s get started.

How Long to Beat Undertale?

Undertale is a single-player RPG released in 2015. 

You play as a human who falls into the Underground, where monsters live. 

The gameplay consists of exploring and fighting against enemies until you can find your way back to the surface world.

The game Undertale has been out for nearly 6 years now, but how long does it take to beat Undertale? 

Turns out that the average player can finish Undertale in about six to seven hours. 

I myself took around six and a half hours to beat the Undertale main storyline.

However, some players have taken as much as 21 hours and others less than two hours! 

In fact, one fan of the game completed Undertale in a one-hour speed run.

If you’re interested, you can check the video below:

The reason for this vast difference is because of many factors: skill level, how many times a person has played before, and what kind of endings you are after, and many other factors.

Undertale is a game that will take you about six to seven hours to play through the main story.

If we add up all of the side quests and extras, it’ll be closer to 12 hours in total.

For example, In Undertale, there is an ending called “True Pacifist.”

If you were interested in beating this route, it would take you around seven or eight hours to complete the True Pacifist route.

That is just one example.

But for those perfectionists who want every achievement on their account complete by 100% are looking at around a 20 – 21 hour playthrough!

A completionist will want to explore all the different areas and find hidden secrets throughout their journey through this fantastic world created by Toby Fox.

If you are not familiar with the game yet, there are multiple endings in Undertale that will substantially increase the game’s length.

We will talk about the multiple endings in brief in the section below.

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Is Undertale a Hard Game?

Now, is Undertale a hard game to beat?

Well, in my opinion, not really. 

Undertale is a fantastic game that is not hard to beat and can be beaten by anyone just fine.

The game is a good mix of challenging and easy to play. 

Undertale may seem like an easy game when looking through its cute graphics or listening from afar, but this game can be much more complicated than what meets the eye.

However, do not worry.

The game can be beaten by anyone. 

Yes, there will be some parts that might take patience, but you’ll figure out where to go next just fine with plenty of guides out there.

Heck, even my children can beat Undertale just fine.

Is Undertale a Short Game?

Considering Undertale main story and extras can be completed in around 12 hours, it is a short game indeed.

A typical RPG usually takes 20 – 30 hours to complete.

Some legendary titles such as Final Fantasy or Persona series can even take an average of 40 – 100 hours to complete.

In comparison with other RPGs, Undertale has among the shortest time lengths for finishing its storyline and side quests – at only about 12 hours total playtime!

Undertale is a short RPG game, but it’s packed with so much love and creativity that you’ll want to play through it again.

The game has been praised for its short and sweet nature, but it also makes some players want to replay the game to explore different outcomes.

To this day, there are still people creating new content based on Undertale – from remixes to comics or even alternative universes!

Thanks to this fan-made content available for download, you can have many more hours of playtime and explore this game in a whole new light. 

How Many Endings are in Undertale?

Like we discussed earlier, there are alternative endings to Undertale. There are three endings called route and one hard mode that you can get in Undertale.

The three endings are Neutral RouteTrue Pacifist Route, and Genocide Route.

The Neutral Route is the one you start with, and it includes five normal endings that are available.

The True Pacifist Route means completing all of the areas without killing any monsters or bosses, and there are six different endings to this option.

To get to the Genocide Route, you have to kill every monster in Undertale, giving you only one ending for the game.

Last but not least, there is a Hard Mode that will also give you a different ending.

You might want to check Undertale Wiki to learn more about getting to these endings successfully.

I recommend you to play all of these endings because your Undertale journey is incomplete if this isn’t done.

Conclusion: How Long to Complete Undertale?

On average, most people spend about six to seven hours completing Undertale’s story mode when taking their time through the puzzles.

The length of your playthrough may depend on whether or not you read all dialogue in between battles; however, without doing at least some reading, one playthrough could last anywhere from two hours up to four hours if playing aggressively. 

In fact, some speedrunners beat Undertale in around the one-hour marks.

So to conclude this article, I would like to say that Undertale is a fantastic game for anyone with a sense of humor.

It’s an RPG where the player doesn’t have to get into fights and has no time limit on how long they can take. 

The storyline is rich enough and funny enough so that it will keep you hooked from start to finish (or until you beat it).

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