How to Get Better at Gaming: 11 Ways to Be a Better Gamer

In the modern world, gaming is such a massive part of our culture that many people look to gaming as entertainment and stress reliever. 

Young children and adults, men and women alike, can enjoy games that they like.

Playing games. The name itself suggests that it is something people do for fun. After all, we are playing. 

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to get better at it. 

For many, the pleasure or joy of gaming is in the competitive aspect, which is intertwined with one’s gaming skills. 

So, here are our top 11 ways on how to get better at gaming.

Brighten Your Screen

This first one may not exactly be rocket science, but even a minor tweak like brightening your screen can make a difference. 

Why are games generally so dark and gloomy? 

The truth is this darker tone helps the colors to stand out and have a starker contrast. 

It makes the graphics more intense and beautiful. 

But of course, it doesn’t make it easy on the eye.

This is why we recommend turning up your screen brightness considerably to allow you to see the colors easily. 

Brightening up your screen will help you spot small details and see your enemies or competitors before they see you. 

Of course, don’t overcompensate and make your monitor too bright. Just find the balance where the images are clear and visible. 

This might mean ‘uglier’ graphics, but if it gives you a competitive advantage, why not?

Buy a Comfortable Mouse 

Another tip is to use a comfortable mouse.

It should be an ergonomic model that is easy to use. 

Not only can this prevent your hands and wrists from hurting after long hours of gaming, but it will overall make you a better gamer too!

Do not make the mistake of using the same mouse that comes with the box. 

Instead, explore other options and alternatives to find the one that fits perfectly in your hand. 

Comfort can really reflect on the way you perform. 

As a bonus, the right mouse will allow you to click, scroll, and navigate your gameplay in a more controlled manner.

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Play with Better Gamers

Maybe you are comfortable playing against beginners and noobs all the time. 

However, you cannot expect to get better by staying in your comfort zone.

This is why most gamers can’t improve themselves at video games. 

Just like in real life, you are the people you hang out with the most. 

You will only be as good as the gamers you play against. 

So, if you want to be a better gamer, play with better gamers! 

Simple right?

Here is an excellent way to imagine this. 

If you play with those who are worse at a game than you, there will be no challenge for you to overcome and practice. 

You will never improve your reaction time because you don’t have to. 

You are already winning against your opponents. 

Why push your muscle memory more than it needs to be?

Watch the Pros Player Play The Games

There is plenty to learn from online tutorials, but even more so from videos of the pros playing. 

You can get these from YouTube playbacks or live streaming during competitions. 

Observe how experts react in various situations and what strategies to use. 

You might learn a new trick or two that you would never have found out on your own.

Remember also to watch how these players predict enemies before they move. 

How do they react afterward? 

If you are new to a game, this is especially great advice. 

It will help you get used to the games’ ins and outs while also discovering proven tricks used by the pros.

Strengthen Your Hand Muscles

Gaming relies on your hand muscles, namely the wrist and fingers. 

If you are playing games for hours at a time, your hands might feel tense and be less responsive. 

This isn’t something you want to perform well during gameplay, so the best thing to do is strengthen your muscles. 

An everyday movement is the tennis ball squeeze, which will relieve strain from the entire hand. 

Another is thumb adduction, which is done by squeezing your thumb and each of your other fingers together. 

There a lot of stretches for your wrists and fingers that you can find online. 

These exercises will help your muscles be more reflexive and responsive.

Ideally, they will feel exhausted less frequently too.

Check out these exercises that you may try to help strengthen your hand and wrist!

Train Your Mind to Improve Your Game Sense

It might come off as a surprise, but having a sharp mind can be beneficial when playing games. 

Therefore, improving your mental agility can make a massive difference if you want to get better at gaming. 

You can exercise your brain by solving puzzles and riddles, whether through mobile apps or physical objects.

Also, try to minimize mindless activities like watching TV and scrolling endlessly on social media. 

Of course, these things are okay when done in moderation and with intention. 

Learning to play a musical instrument can be an excellent way to engage your mind while also enhancing finger strength and agility. 

This is true for instruments like the guitar or the piano.

Faker, the number 1 League of Legends player, said in one of his interviews that players need to have a mindset to improve their games to get better in whatever games they are playing.

Practice Hand-Eye Coordination

Any gamer would know the importance of good hand-eye coordination, but how can you improve it? 

There are some things you can do other than actually playing games. 

The first is to engage in racket sports like badminton, tennis or lacrosse. 

These sports require you to match up your eye and hand movements, which will train you for your gaming performance.

You might want to consider taking up juggling too. 

Trying to keep three balls in the air is a difficult feat, but mastering this skill is a brilliant way to practice your hand-eye coordination. 

Not to mention that it provides for a cool party trick!

Study Different Strategies

A smart gamer should learn to plan strategies during their gameplays, which will allow them to perform optimally. 

Therefore, it might help to focus on one game at a time so you can learn all of its nuances. 

Study the strategies that have been used by other players and watch how different people employ the same set of tools. 

You can then figure out the best way to do specific tasks.

However, it would be best if you also tried to come up with your own creative solutions. 

This skill can be improved by continuous practice and learning about the various features of the game. 

Moreover, consider reading the in-game guide thoroughly, as this will help you understand its nature.

Watch Your Own Gameplay Replays

This might not be something that a lot of beginners would think of doing. 

And yes, we do recommend this for more experienced gamers, or at least those who have been improving. 

In fact, this is one of the most essential gaming tips and tricks in this whole list.

Screen record your gameplays or matches and watch it once they are done. 

Review your moves and strategies, then figure out if there are particular things you can work on.

Pinpointing your weaknesses and strengths can be extremely useful in improving your skills. 

This lets you work on areas where you are lacking while playing on your strengths during future matches. 

I firmly believe this is one of the fastest ways on how you can improve your gaming skills.

Even the most mediocre gamers can be undefeated with dedication and practice if they repeat this process enough times!

Learn to Communicate Better with Your Teammates 

Most non-gamers would not think that communication is needed when gaming, when it is perhaps one of the essential parts of it. 

Whether you are playing tournaments, LANs, or local games, knowing how to communicate well can make a huge difference. 

You will benefit from learning to convey as much as possible in the quickest way. 

This could save you tons of time and gain a competitive edge in a tournament.

Besides, communicating well includes knowing the right time and way to ask for information to help you or your team. 

This will enable you to adjust your strategies accordingly, even in a time crunch. 

Even better, effective communication is something that could be transferred into real life!

Be Patient and Set a Realistic Goal of Your Progress

All things considered, the most important secret to becoming a better gamer is to be patient! 

You can read all the handbooks and use all the tricks in the world, but improvement will only come with time and practice. 

Yes, information is essential. 

But action is even more so. 

And it takes time to act on your knowledge.

This is true with any skill other than gaming. 

They say practice makes perfect, but what this adage fails to address is that practice requires time. 

So, it doesn’t matter how much you have been studying about a game. 

Success won’t come overnight – be patient.

Final Words

These are just some of the most useful tips you can employ to get better at gaming. 

Hopefully, you have learned a new thing or two and can improve your gaming skills. 

At the end of the day, gaming is something you should enjoy doing. 

Don’t stress too much about being the perfect player – even if you game for a living. 

The most important thing is to have fun!

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