How To Make Headphones Louder? A Brief Guideline To Solve Your Headphone Issue in 2021

Whether it is wireless or wired, one issue that tends to happen when wearing headphones is low volume. 

It is not a big issue, but it isn’t enjoyable, especially for gaming. 

You can’t hear footsteps, or even worse, you are unable to hear through your device. 

So, what should you do?

There are ways to solve it. You can either try raising the volume, fix the low volume, or do some troubleshooting. 

It is not hard to find out how to make headphones louder, as long as you are willing to try some of these ideas. 

Here is what you should do!

How Can I Increase The Volume On My Headphones?

Let’s start with the basics by checking out your devices. 

Depending on the headphone you are using, the item may have a volume bar on it. 

Obviously, it would be best if you tried to find it and raise the volume through it. 

The next is raising your volume through your device. 

If you do both steps and it doesn’t change anything, then consider using volume increase application. 

There is a handful of applications to increase device volume for a smartphone or computer. 

Along with it, you might want to consider checking the EQ or the equalization setting on your phone. 

Some smartphone set their optimized volumes to prevent too loud sound. 

But if you check in the setting, you can play around with it and raise the volume.

You can also make headphones louder by using different music or audio app. 

According to, the low-quality audio file or the music player application might be the culprit. 

In this case, you should try using different music and audio app or even choosing the higher quality setting on the music streaming app. 

You can do it by navigating to the setting and change the section to the higher quality option. 

Worth noting that some of the problems might also happen because of your hardware. 

It can either your headphone jack is dirty, or there is some defect on your device. 

How Do You Fix Low Volume Headphones?

If you find that the previous ideas didn’t work, then you should check your hardware and device condition. 

Is there something wrong? 

Is it dirty or does your device has a volume limit in it? 

First, you should clean your headphones because some oil or dust most likely block the mesh screen and messed up the sound. 

In this case, you have to remove and clean the ear tips plus cleaning the earbuds. 

After that, the next how to make your headphone louder tip is removing volume limits on your device. 

This method is advisable if there is nothing changed after the cleaning. 

United States has a law that sets the volume limit on the audio to 120 decibels, while in Europe is only 85 decibles.

In case you are not satisfied with it, then you can break the limit by disabling the volume warning bar. 

You can find this setting on the Sound and volume information on your smartphone device. 

Rise the bar on the media tab up to the highest, and ignore any warning and cap. 

Does it work? 

Another solution you should try is using a headphone amplifier. 

It is crucial since many cases say that maxed out volume will distort the sound. 

To avoid this problem, you can use a standalone headphone amplifier device to stabilize and boost your headphone volume. 

Worth noting that not all amp works. 

At some point, you should consider your over-ear headphone impedance before using an amplifier. 

If your headphone has 20 -25 ohms range, then amp would not do anything. 

Make Headphones Louder On Windows 10

When you are using Windows 10, then the system volume issues tend to make your headphone sound quieter than it should be. 

In this case, you should check all the volume control, enable loudness equalization, check your default playback, or update your audio drivers. 

Those four options are most likely to fix the problems. 

To adjust volume, you can raise the volume mixer on the right side of the taskbar. It has a speaker icon. 

To reach equalization, you should search for the “manage audio device” option and then select speakers. 

Go to the properties and navigate to the enhancements tab. 

Check the equalizer option, then select apply and ok. 

When the problem persists, then check your default playback device. 

You should head to the system tray and right-click on the speaker icon. 

Choose a sound and click playback devices. 

Find the device you want to use and select “Set as the default” device.

Those steps should help make headphones louder, especially for windows 10 users. 

Yet, you should also consider updating your audio drivers if the volume issues are still there. 

The corrupted or obsolete driver will affect the sound output. 

It can either make your headphone has a lower volume or, in the worst case, make you have a hard time hearing. 

In a case like this, you might have to go back to trying the previous ideas, from increasing the headphone volume, cleaning and checking your gadget condition, to using a dedicated tool such as an amplifier. 

When the issues are hard to solve, then there is something wrong with your gadget. 

Check the cable connection, the earbud, or the port. 

If it is dirty, then clean it. 

If there is something broken, then you should consider getting a new pair of sound isolation headphones. 

It is the last tips we have on how to make your headphones louder option. 

Make sure you got high-quality sound-isolating headphones, so you don’t have to listen at high volume. 

A quiet headphone will lower your gaming experience. 

While it might be one of the common problems, but dozens of you might don’t know how to fix it. 

Thus, try to increase the volume by adjusting playback or using an amplifier. 

If it still hasn’t changed anything, you can try to fix the low volume and make adjustments from your windows. 

All in all, there is nothing impossible. 

But please remember to avoid listening with too loud a volume because it can damage your hearing!

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