Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform? Here’s What You Need to Know in 2021!

Today we are going to discuss everything you need to know about the question:

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform? Can You Cross-play in Borderlands 2?

The questions above get asked many times by the game’s die-hard fans.

You can see it popping up in gaming forums and Reddit many times.

Basically, Borderlands 2 is not cross-platform, but it does support limited cross-play capability for PC users.

We will discuss Borderlands 2 ability to allow players with different platforms to play together further in this post.

So if you want to know if Borderlands 2 supports Cross-platform or not, you will love this post.

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Does Borderlands 2 Support Cross-Platform?

Borderlands 2 is undoubtedly a great success, and it has been a long time since its release.

The game was released back in 2012, and since then, it has received a lot of success.

Borderlands 2 is developed by Gearbox Software and available on most gaming platforms and operating software, making it very accessible for gamers.

There’s even a Borderlands 2 for Mac users!

However, is it cross-platform?

Gamers and die-hard fans of the game ask this question too many times.

Cross-platform is a feature that allows players of a game to play with each other, regardless of the gaming platform they are using. 

For example, a player using a PlayStation 4 could play with another player using a PC.

In other words:

With cross-platform, you can play with your friends even if they have different gaming system with you.

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The bad news for the game die-hard fans is that Borderlands 2 is not cross-platform.

This means Borderlands 2 vault hunters cannot play together with those who have different gaming platforms with them.

The game is not cross-platform and only allows cross-play limited to PC players with Steam and Epic to play together. 

The lack of support for cross-platform multiplayer is regrettable since it limits the player base of the game.

This makes it difficult for players who only own one of the consoles to play with their friends who own the other one.

To help you better understand Borderlands 2 cross-platform support, let’s answer some of the frequently asked questions below.

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform PC and Xbox?

No, Borderlands 2 is not cross-platform between PC and Xbox.

Players from PC and Xbox cannot enjoy the multiplayer and co-op campaign together.

This is a massive drawback because it limits the game’s player base to interact with each other.

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform Between Epic and Steam?

Yes. Borderlands 2 support limited cross-play capability between Epic and Steam players.

Since Borderlands 2 is available on Epic and Steam, players from both platforms can play with each other.

To have this feature enabled, the players need to have a SHiFT account.

The SHiFT is an additional add-ons Gearbox Software developed to add more functionality to Borderlands 2.

One of them is the ability to Cross-play between Epic and Steam users.

To cross-play together with Epic or Steam Borderlands 2 players, you can see this video guide below.

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform PC and PS4?

Unfortunately, No. Borderlands 2 is not Cross-platform between PC and PS4.

This means players playing from their PS4 cannot play together with players playing Borderlands 2 from their PC.

This is because Sony and PlayStation do not share any cross-platform features on its system.

However, back in 2019, Sony has stated that they will open to enable the consoles’ cross-platform feature in the future.

So we can hope to see some cross-platform function in PlayStation.

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform on Nintendo Switch?

No, Borderlands 2 is not cross-platform on Nintendo Switch as well.

Gearbox Software released Borderlands Legendary Collection on the Nintendo Switch platform in 2020.

This collection comes included with Borderlands, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Even though it is one of the most popular co-op multiplayer FPS games ever made, Borderlands 2 does not support cross-platform on Switch.

Luckily, you can play Borderlands 2 on split-screen on Nintendo Switch.

So if you want to play with your friends, you can play the local co-op versions of Borderlands 2 with your Nintendo Switch.

Is Borderlands 2 Cross-platform PS4 and Xbox in 2021?

Borderlands 2 is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

However, Borderlands 2 is not Cross-platform on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2021.

This is because the PlayStation and Xbox are competitors and use different servers to host their game.

Because of that, players from different consoles cannot play with each other.

This makes it difficult for players who only own one of the consoles to play with their friends who own the other one. 

However, if you want to play with your friends, you can use the local multiplayer function on Borderlands 2.

You can play Borderlands 2 in Split Screen mode and finish the multiplayer campaign together with your friends.

Is Borderlands 2 Handsome Collection Cross-platform?

The Borderlands 2 Handsome Collection is the remastered version of the Borderlands 2 game released by Gearbox Software.

It was released in 2015, and it includes Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel games.

The Handsome collection also comes with all the DLCs and bonus add-on content for both of the games.

Unfortunately, the Borderlands 2 Handsome Collection is not cross-platform.

Although it is the remastered version of Borderlands 2 and it includes all the DLCs and add-ons, the game still does not support cross-platform play between multiple gaming platforms.

Is Borderlands 2 Compatible with Xbox One?

Yes, Borderlands 2 is compatible with Xbox One.

You can play Borderlands 2 on Xbox One by purchasing the Borderlands: The Handsome Collection on Microsoft Store.

The Borderlands 2 was released back in March 2015 and cost $39.99.

Conclusion: Is Borderlands 2 Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform play is becoming more and more popular among games, especially in 2021. 

This feature makes it easier for players to play with their friends no matter what platform they own. 

Unfortunately, Borderlands 2 is not a cross-platform game.

The game does not support cross-platform but only supports a limited cross-play function between PC players, particularly Epic and Steam users.

However, you should not be sad and disappointed.

There are many ways to play Borderlands 2 with your friends.

One of them is by utilizing the local co-op feature of the game.

Borderlands 2 is a split-screen friendly game.

With this feature, you can invite your friend and play multiplayer locally and enjoy the world of Pandora.

Other than that, Borderlands 3 has announce that the support for cross-play is coming in June 2021.

So if you want to enjoy cross-platform multiplayer with your friends, consider getting the new Borderlands 3.

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