Is Conan Exiles Cross-platform? Here’s Everything What You Need to Know in 2021!

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Is Conan Exiles Cross-platform?

Many gamers around the world have been wondering about this feature from the game.

Conan Exiles have confirmed on their official twitter that the game does not have cross-platform support.

Unfortunately, Conan Exiles is not cross-platform. The game does not have cross-play support. The developers of Conan Exiles have confirmed it on their official Twitter.

We will talk about this feature more in this post below.

So if you are looking for more information about Conan Exiles and its multiplayer features, you will enjoy this discussion.

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Is Conan Exiles Cross-platform in 2021?

Conan Exiles is an open-world survival game that has a sandbox system similar to Ark or Minecraft.

It is said that Conan Exiles isn’t a story-focused game, but you can uncover the lore of the Exiled Lands.

Conan Exiles also provide unique features such as religion and gods or avatars system.

So players can choose which religion or avatars to worship.

In exchange, players will gain knowledge that will be crucial to the game.

The game is released back in May 2018 and has been getting positive reviews from gamers on Steam.

You can play Conan Exiles on your PC, Xbox, and Playstation.

Now, is Conan Exiles Cross-platform in 2021?

The bad news for gamers is that Conan Exiles is not cross-platform even in 2021. Despite being available on multiple gaming platforms, Conan Exiles does not support cross-play. This means players using different gaming platforms cannot play Conan Exiles together.

The developer behind the game, FUNCOM, has repeatedly addressed this question on their Twitter page.

They even stated that they have no plans to add cross-play support to Conan Exiles back in 2019.

Even though Conan Exiles is an online multiplayer game, it is sad to know that they don’t support cross-platform features.

As an open-world, multiplayer survival game, Conan Exiles fans are eager for cross-play features.

Let’s face it, playing games like Conan Exiles will be more exciting with more players.

We can just hope now that they will give some cross-play support for this game in the future.

Are Conan Exiles Servers Cross-platform?

Okay, first off, what is cross-platform?

Cross-platform simply means that multiple gaming platforms can play on your game just fine.

Cross-platform play supports will allow a gamer to play with others using a different type of platform.

For example:

You can play a game on your PS4 with someone using their Xbox if the game has cross-platform support.

Now, Conan Exiles provides players with two choices regarding their server choices.

Host a dedicated server or rent a server.

However, Conan Exiles’ dedicated server or rented server doesn’t support any cross-platform feature.

Take note that hosting a dedicated server only available for the PC platform. 

If you want to host your own dedicated server on Conan Exiles, you can check the setup here.

Conan Exiles players can also rent a server from Conan Exiles’ official server partner, G-Portal.

It’s priced at USD 1.40 per slot.

You can rent USD 14.00 for ten slots or USD 33.00 for 40 slots per 30 days.

For more information about servers, you can visit G-Portal’s website.

They are the official server partners of Conan Exiles.

Is Conan Exiles Cross-platform between PS4 and PC?

Sadly, Conan Exiles is not Cross-platform between PS4 and PC. Like we have discussed above, the game does not support cross-platform play. So you cannot play Conan Exiles together with your friends on PC if you are playing on your PS4 and Vice versa.

Fans of Conan Exiles are yearning for this feature to come up soon.

But there are no signs of a cross-play feature to be released in the future.

Fans are demanding cross-platform features because most of them play on a different platform.

You can see how the fans have wanted this feature if you check FUNCOM’s forum.

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Can You Play 2 Player on Conan Exiles?

Yes, you can play 2 players on Conan Exiles.

There is an option for co-op.

If you select the co-op mode, you will be given four options:

Civilized mode, decadent mode, barbaric mode, and custom mode.

It is just easy, normal, hard, and custom difficulty on other games to make it simpler.

Or you can directly invite your friend to your world.

The co-op feature, however, has a weird distance system.

It seems that in the co-op feature, you have a maximum distance system, or in other words, you can’t stay too far from your friend.

We suggest you play with your friend from a private server or dedicated server, so you and your friend can play freely.

You might be asking another question: Is Conan Exiles Split Screen?

Another bad news for you, Conan Exiles does not have a split-screen mode. This means you cannot play the Co-op mode using just one gaming platform.

It is a little bit disappointing that Conan Exiles does not support a split-screen. It makes Conan Exiles not an excellent couch co-op option for gamers.

We can’t play the weird two players split-screen like we did in GTA San Andreas anymore.

How Do You Play Multiplayer on Conan Exiles?

If you wish to play multiplayer on Conan Exiles, you can select the main menu’s play online option.

Of course, you need to connect to the internet first. After that, you will be given three options. 

PvP, PvE – Conflict, and PvE.

What are those?

So Pvp is Player versus Player mode. 

PvE is Player Versus Environment mode.

PvE – Conflict is, Player versus Environment – Conflict mode.

In Conan Exiles PvP mode, players are allowed to engage in combat, destroying buildings, and depending on the server, players are allowed to loot other players.

We all know that PvP is a hell of a mode, every player on the server will try to kill you.

If you survive, maybe your house and building that cost a lot of time for you to make will get destroyed.

Worse, they loot your belongings.

But that’s the fun of PvP mode. Just remember, be careful out there.

In PvE mode, players aren’t allowed to engage in combat. Still, players can play together against Exiled Lands’ harsh environment and creatures.

There will be not much of a challenge on PvE. 

The fun of fighting an AI will not last long enough, but meeting new friends online will make your journey worth it.

This last mode is slightly similar to PvE mode, but players are allowed to engage in combat on specific time windows, and this mode ensures that other players will not damage the building.

At least on PvE – Conflict, you don’t have to worry about your buildings getting destroyed.

Conclusion: Is Conan Exiles Cross-platform in 2021?

To conclude, Conan Exiles is not cross-platform in 2021. The game does not have cross-play support meaning that players with different gaming platforms cannot play Conan Exiles together.

The developers have also stated that there are no plans to add cross-platform support for Conan Exiles.

This is very unfortunate for the fans of the game.

After all, multiplayer games are more fun if played with more people.

Let’s just hope that FUNCOM will change their mind and bring this feature into the game in the future.

In the meantime, I want to hear from you.

Do you think Cross-platform play is an essential feature for games in 2021?

Or do you think Conan Exiles should have this feature?

Either way, let me know what’s on your thought by commenting below.

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