Is DayZ Cross-platform? Here’s Everything You Need to Know in 2021!

Cross-platform is now an essential feature in modern multiplayer games.

Many game developers have been updating their games to support this feature in recent years.

In this post, we will discuss the topic: Is DayZ Cross-Platform?

As DayZ released the console version back in 2019, many fans expect the game to have cross-platform support.

DayZ fans wish that players from PC could play together with Console players.

However, DayZ is still not cross-platform even in 2021. This is such a disappointment as DayZ is available on multiple platforms.

As we know, this game is much more fun when played with friends.

But without cross-platform features, people from different devices can’t play together.

We will explain more about DayZ cross-platform features down in this post.

Let’s get started!

Does Dayz Have Cross-play?

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DayZ is a multiplayer, first-person survival game set in a post-apocalyptic timeline.

Bohemian Interactives develop the game and officially launched back in 2018 for PC and 2019 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

The goal of this game is to survive from different challenges that will threaten your livelihood.

One of the many things you need to survive from is zombies.

But you also need to survive from other players too as they will try to kill you.

The multiplayer aspect of this game is what makes the game so popular among gamers.

In fact, we believe that a microphone is essential if you want to play and enjoy this game.

Talking with other players and interacting with them make this game so much fun to play.

Despite the excellent multiplayer interaction, DayZ is not a cross-platform game.

This means players with different gaming platforms cannot play together.

In other words:

A player using Xbox One cannot play together with a player using a PC or PlayStation 4.

DayZ does not have support cross-play to allow players from different consoles to play in a game together.

Despite gaming trend favors for cross-play feature, there is no official plan for the cross-play feature.

DayZ official twitter answered one of the fans about cross-play supports

The dev team has publicly stated that they have no plans to add cross-platform play to the game in the near future.

It’s because PC players have their separate servers. 

Xbox players also have a different server, while PlayStation players play on the PSN server.

Besides, console players also worry that the game will be being unbalanced.

PC with their superior keyboard and mouse input will easily outmatch the console counterparts.

You might wonder, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) and Fortnite have cross-play.

Is DayZ Cross-platform? Here’s what you have to know in 2021

Well, integrating different platforms isn’t that easy.

Yeah, Call of Duty has their aim to balance the gap between console and PC.

Yet people are still complaining about it.

It’s a huge challenge for developers to integrate the system, let alone balancing the system.

Integrating server between various platforms also need enormous resources.

So, due to these reasons, DayZ does not have cross-play supports in 2021.

What Platform is DayZ On?

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DayZ is a multi-platform game. 

You could play DayZ on Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

DayZ does not have cross-platform or cross-play support, but the game supports cross-gen play.

This means:

Players from Playstation 4 can play together with players on PlayStation 5.

Or Players playing from Xbox Series X can still play together with Players with Xbox One.

Bohemia Interactive also release Mini DayZ for Android, iOS, and Browser in 2017.

It’s an entirely different game. 

It has a 2D interface and pixel art style, which has its own beauty.

Although, the basic underlying theme is the same. 

You have to survive by scavenging food, ammo, supplies in the post-apocalyptic world.

Unlike their console and PC versions, which have a price tag on them, mini DayZ is free to play.

Is Dayz Cross-platform Between Xbox and PC?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. DayZ does not have cross-platform support between Xbox and PC.

This means that DayZ players playing on an Xbox cannot play together with players playing on their gaming PC.

You might think, Xbox and Windows PC have many similarities. 

They are both owned by Microsoft.

So, they should be able to cross-platform, right?

Unfortunately, DayZ on Xbox and DayZ on PC can’t cross-platform.

Players from PC and Xbox cannot enjoy co-op or PVP together.

Bohemian Interactive has confirmed that they have no plan to enable this feature on DayZ.

It’s so sad. 

This game will be so much fun to play with friends.

So, if you play DayZ on Xbox and your friend plays DayZ on PC, you can’t play together.

It’s so unfortunate that there is no cross-platform between Xbox and PC.

Is Dayz Cross-platform between Xbox and PS4?

No, DayZ is not cross-platform between Xbox and PS4.

In other words:

If you play DayZ on Xbox while your friend plays On PlayStation 4, you can’t play together.

And vice versa.

To play together with your friends, you have to use the same gaming platform.

So if you are playing using a PlayStation, your friends also must play on their PlayStation.

Luckily, the game at least supports cross-gen gameplay. 

This means that even if you are using a PlayStation 5 to play DayZ, you can still play with players using their PlayStation 4.

Conclusion: Is DayZ Cross-platform?

To summarize everything we have talked about, DayZ is not a cross-platform game.

Even though the game runs on multiple gaming platforms, DayZ does not have support for cross-platform play.

It is unfortunate that a game heavily dependent on its players’ interaction does not support cross-platform play.

Especially in 2021, where titles like Fortnite and Call of Duties have given their fans full cross-platform supports.

The devs also share that they don’t have plans to support cross-platform in the future.

I know that implementing cross-platform supports requires tons of resources.

Let’s hope that the devs actually listen to the fans and implement cross-platform play supports sometime in the future.

In the meantime, do you think this game should enable cross-platform play in 2021?

Or do you have other cross-platform games that you recommend people to try?

Let us know by commenting below.


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