Is Diablo 3 Cross-Platform in 2021? Here are 4 Most Essential Things You Need to Know!

Since the first time it was released, Diablo 3 is available on seven different platforms, including Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. 

However, Diablo 3 still doesn’t support cross-platform play in 2021, although the game maker said it is planned to have the cross-console support.

“Is Diablo 3 support cross-platform play” has been a longtime question by the game’s diehard fans who have been interested in its cross-console supportability. 

It has been that way because being such a great multiplayer game, the game will feel more competitive when the game is played on different platforms with different players.

Is Diablo 3 Support Cross-Platform Play?

The Diablo 3 game maker, Blizzard Company, has confirmed that there is no support for cross-platform play in the game. 

They know it would be interesting to have such capability and feature since the game is available on seven different platforms.

The company itself has no official announcement about this. 

Yet, they are going to work with it in the future. 

In the world of a video game, the inability of cross-platform support has happened since the old times making it feel like a classic problem. 

Many other newer versions of video games, Call of Duty, for example, are unable to support the cross-play platform. 

It supported cross-platform play on its previous version, but when it was released on PS4, players could no longer able to play it together in a competition using different platforms.

The good news is that the Blizzard representative claimed that the question of ‘is Diablo 3 Support Cross-Platform‘ shouldn’t be addressed with ‘if,’ but it should be ‘when’ because they indeed plan to have it in the future.

It might be just a matter of time the company will release the cross-platform play feature so players using different platforms can play together with no hassle. 

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Can Xbox and PC Players Play Diablo 3 Together?

Those playing the game on consoles like Xbox or PS4 can’t play together with those using a PC

Playing together is only possible if you both are using the consoles through active network connections. 

As has been said before, the cross-platform support is not yet available, and, undoubtedly, the Xbox and PC players can’t get along together. 

Not only just playing, but you also can’t move your current game on PC to consoles to let you get in touch with other players within Diablo 3.

One of the reasons you can’t do the cross-platform play between the Xbox and PC is that it has different features when played on consoles and PC. 

It can be seen directly from how you play the game with a controller in Xbox and keyboard in PC, so how could these two get along together hand in hand?

Let’s assume that the PC and Xbox games are different, although they have the same name. 

It is indeed different since some features in consoles do not support keyboards and maybe otherwise.

Is Diablo 3 for Switch Cross-Platform?

As it is not available to cross-platform between PC and consoles, Switch cross-platform is also not a solution for the cross-platform issue because you can’t use it either.

Diablo 3 seems like not getting involved in any cross-platform, including Switch. 

Those playing in Switch can’t get along with the players using PS4, although they both use consoles.

Players can only do the cross-platform when they are playing in the same platform and version. 

You can actually move your character of the game in the previous version of your platform to the newer ones, so you can get involved in the cross-platform competition.

If you have been playing Diablo 3 on your PC for so many years and now you get more interested in playing it using different platforms now that the game is playable on consoles, the frequently asked question could be ‘is it possible to do that?’

You can’t move your games’ character on PC to consoles so you can play it on different platforms. 

It is sure that you can’t and that the company still has no plan to make this feature available soon.

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Does Diablo 3 Have Cross-Save?

While the answer to ‘is Diablo 3 support cross-platform‘ has always been ‘no,’ you can now get a ‘yes’ solution when it comes to the cross-save support. 

You can continue your game on your old machine using the newer one by merely saving it.

The cross-save feature allows you to transfer the game from PS3 or Xbox 360 to your new console without any change. 

You can still have all the same characters and plot as long as you move it to the same brand of the console.

How to do the exporting the save data depends on what consoles and generations you are moving to. 

Data export can happen only when you transfer the game from the old generation to the newer one, for example, from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, or from PS3 to PS4, 

You can’t transfer the game to a different machine with the same generation such as Xbox 360 to PS3 and otherwise, PS4 to Xbox One.

These machines are still in the same generation so that you should start the game from scratch when you are moving.

Playing together in such a multiplayer game like Diablo 3 is undoubtedly impressive, but you don’t have to force to play with those using different platforms when you can’t. 

Isn’t it silly to see a player with PC is competing with a player using PS4?

There should be a reason why the company doesn’t even bother to provide cross-platform support, and this might be because playing on different platforms is not that important. 

When you can play with the players using the same platform, why would you bother to find everyone else?

Since you get the answer of ‘is Diablo 3 support cross-platform’ now don’t even feel disappointed because you have many platforms to choose and there are plenty of players you can get along with.

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