Is GTA 5 Cross-platform in 2021? Learn More Here!

Can you play GTA 5 and GTA Online cross-platform?

Many fans have raised this question.

In an era where games like Rocket League have fully enabled cross-platform play, it is only natural that GTA 5 and GTA Online would be in question.

So is GTA 5 and GTA Online finally cross-platform in 2021?

This blog post aims to bring you the answer based on facts, hints and suggestions.

Let’s get started!

A Brief Introduction to Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V or GTA V was a phenomenal sandbox action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Released back in 2013 for Xbox 360/PS3, the game has been released for PC and current-gen consoles.

Grand Theft Auto V is a massively open-world game set in the fictional city of Los Santos and its surrounding areas.

It was created by Rockstar Games, known for its realistic graphics that make you feel like you are actually there.

Despite being around for nearly nine years now, it persists as one popular game to this day–especially with the addition of Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online).

GTA Online allows players to enjoy all sorts of new content such as vehicles or weapons every time they play an online match which makes it more entertaining than playing single-player campaign mode!

Many new players are confused about whether GTA V and GTA Online are different.

Well, they’re not. In fact, GTA Online is the multiplayer part of GTA V while single player campaign mode is known as Grand Theft Auto 5.

Does GTA 5 Have Cross-play in 2021?

Now, let’s get to the topic: Does GTA 5 have cross-play in 2021?

As mentioned above, GTA V’s multiplayer mode is known as GTA Online. 

And at the moment, fans are interested in whether this game allows players from different platforms to play together or not. 

Unfortunately, GTA 5 does not have cross-play support even in 2021.

Thus, players using various consoles will not be able to play and roam Los Santos together.

Sad news to all those who are excited about the feature!

The same goes for GTA Online too. The game still does not support cross-platform play in 2021.

So, if you have not played GTA V yet and wondering if the game supports cross-play, GTA 5 does not support cross-platform play. 

Even in 2021, I don’t see this happening either.

But of course, there is a small chance that they might change their mind. We can hope for something like that to happen!

So if you had hopes of playing GTA Online across different consoles with your friends, then I’m sorry to burst your bubble!

With that information out of the way, I would like to wrap things up and answer some frequently asked questions.

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Does GTA Online Have Crossplay?

No, GTA Online does not have cross-play either.

So if you and your friends only play on different consoles, there is no way for you to play together in the multiplayer mode of GTA 5.

Don’t get me wrong here; it’s completely possible that Rockstar might update their game to support cross-platform soon enough!

But until that happens, you will have to contend with playing the single-player campaign mode of GTA 5 or at least play using the same gaming platform with your friends.

Is GTA V Cross-platform Between PC and Xbox?

This appears to be the most popular question these days. 

And unfortunately, it does not look like Rockstar Games will allow cross-platform between PC and Xbox anytime soon.

This is mainly due to the fact that GTA Online’s biggest chunk of player base is present on PC.

In other words, it does not make sense for them to allow cross-play between PS4 and Xbox if most players are using PC. 

On top of that, there is the problem regarding the technicalities itself–like the fact that PC and Xbox are different gaming platforms with other operating systems. 

So if they were to add cross-play support, it would have required a lot of time to resolve this problem.

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IS GTA V Cross-platform Between PS4 and Xbox?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there will be any cross-platform support between PS4 and Xbox in 2021.

This means that players using these consoles will not be able to play GTA Online together.

I know it sucks, and it’s really unfortunate, but hey, that’s the way things are now!

So if you had hopes of playing GTA Online with your friends who use other consoles, then I’m sorry to say that this will probably not happen anytime soon.

Is GTA V Cross-platform Between PC and PS4?

Like the question related to cross-console support, GTA V does not allow cross-platform between PC and PS4.

You will have to play on the same platform with your friends in order for you all to play together. 

There is no workaround or anything like that either; it’s regrettable, but alas, that’s how things are.

So, in conclusion, if you want to play GTA Online with your friends on different consoles, you will have a hard time accomplishing that.

Is GTA V Cross-platform between PS4 and PS5?

Actually, this question is a little off-base, but I understand the gist of it.

Here’s a better question to ask:

Can PS4 GTA V players play together with PS5 players in 2021?

At the time of writing this, the answer is yes.

PS4 GTA V players can play a multiplayer game together with PS5 GTA V players.

This is because PS5 still does not have a GTA V version released. So those who are playing on PS5 essentially play using a PS4 version of the game.

Because of that reason, PS5 players can play with their friends who are using a PS4 version of GTA V. 

Why is GTA V not Cross-platform?

At this point, we can only speculate. Rockstar Games has not provided any official statements on this particular topic yet.

But here’s what I think:

See, the game can’t support cross-play as it was developed back in 2013 before the idea of cross-play ever occurred to anyone.  

Back then, consoles and video games were not compatible with each other, so this was never a problem. 

In other words, developers would have to go back in time and change their code before even coding cross-play support into GTA 5. 

The bottom line is that doing so is too much of a nuisance because the game was not designed to be played across several platforms.

Plus, adding cross-play support to GTA V in this day and age is practically like re-making the game.

So from a technical standpoint, it’s easier for Rockstar Games not to include them rather than going through all that trouble.  

So will GTA Online ever be cross-platform?

I don’t know. It’s possible. 

But right now, it doesn’t look like Rockstar Games is doing anything to make cross-play happen.

The latest version of GTA Online has a good probability of being cross-platform, although we can say nothing for sure at this time.

So if you are hoping for cross-platform support in GTA Online in the future, don’t expect it anytime soon. Maybe it’s coming next year, though! Who knows?


Let’s wrap everything up.

Is GTA V cross-platform in 2021? 

No. GTA V is not a cross-platform game yet, even in 2021. You still cannot play GTA 5 with your friends who play on different consoles or gaming platforms.

If you want to play GTA Online with your friends, you should ensure that everyone is playing on the same platform.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

What do you think about this cross-platform support for GTA Online? Do you believe that the developers will eventually bring it or not?

Tell us by leaving your comments in the box below. 

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