Is Oculus Quest Good for Exercise? 8 Best Fitness Games For Oculus Quest in 2021

In this post, we are going to talk about is Oculus Quest good for exercise?

In short, Oculus Quest is Good for Exercise because you can now burn calories in a fun and entertaining way.

In fact, by exercising with an Oculus Quest, you can burn up to 15 calories per minute.

In this post, we will discuss why an Oculus Quest is good for exercise and the best fitness game you should try in Oculus Quest.

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Why is Oculus Quest Good for Exercise?

Those who keep updated with the latest gaming innovations would be well acquainted with Oculus Quest. 

This compact all-in-one VR gaming system, lets you play anywhere with just the headset and controllers. 

Light, fast and affordable, no wonder it is such an immediate hit. 

However, is Oculus Quest good for exercise?

The unique thing about VR is that you can use it for fitness and working out, and Oculus Quest is undoubtedly good for that! 

One of its best features is its wireless and comprehensive system. 

This means you do not need to connect it to any platform, PC, or console. 

No cameras, no headphones either. 

Just put it on and start moving.

The wire-free device also means you can play it anywhere. 

Whether at home or during one of your travels, you can always be sure that a good workout is just one exciting game away.

The built-in Oculus Insight technology can sense your movements regardless of where you are facing.

That is right; the VR will receive your movements with room-scale tracking even without the addition of external sensors! 

You can freely turn, duck, and move your body in whatever direction. 

This is another reason why Oculus Quest can be great for exercise.

Best of all, there are a wide array of adrenaline-rushing apps for exercise. 

However, what truly sets the Oculus Quest on a league of its own is its fun games. 

Exercise will never be tedious again as you dodge around from bullets and perform toning movements for the in-game objectives. 

Minutes will pass like seconds as you burn calories fighting virtual enemies.

Here are some of the best fitness games for Oculus Quest to give you the best workout in your life.

Best Fitness Games for Oculus Quest

Best Fitness Games For Oculus Quest


Perhaps one of the most popular games in Oculus Quest, BoxVR is a virtual boxing class where you would need to perform precise movements. 

Punch colorful orbs and dodge barriers as you listen to a fun rhythmic track. 

The arm workouts and squats target muscles of the entire body while engaging your cardio too.

The best thing about BoxVR is you can choose from short bursts to hour-long sessions, depending on your fitness ability. 

Feel stronger with each workout as you develop your boxing technique and core strength. 

Plus, the calorie tracker and coach options make this ideal for your progression.

Thrill of the Fight

The thrill of the Fight certainly lives up to its name as this boxing simulator lets you feel the thrill of a fight through intense workout sessions. 

It will make you punch and fight in match-like bouts, bob and weave, and block attacks from the opponent. 

It truly is an excellent choice for those wanting full cardio that works out the entire body, all while experiencing a real boxing match. 

You can see fun stats like your power, speed, and how many dodges you perform consecutively.

You do need some space so you can comfortably move around, preferably around 6-7 square feet. 

It is even known as the most intense game you can play on Oculus Quest. 

Burn up to 15 calories per minute as you exercise the shoulders, arms, legs, and core!


If your goal is to get stronger legs, then Supernatural is the perfect fitness game to give you the ultimate leg day. 

In addition to tons of squats and lunges, it also offers an excellent cardio workout. 

Players will be guided through a series of movements that take you across ethereal landscapes.

Furthermore, you can burn 11.3 calories per minute, which amounts to over 200 calories in just twenty minutes of game time! 

However, for a more accurate measurement, simply pair your Apple Watch or heart rate monitor to the mobile app. 

Not to mention the fitness graphs and various data to keep you motivated!

Pistol Whip

The recently launched Pistol Whip is a rhythm shooter game, a real masterpiece that blends the rhythm and shooting genres. 

As you move through a level, you will shoot and dodge bullets from the enemies. 

The default auto-aim helps you focus solely on your body movements, but those up for a challenge could simply disable this and practice their aims.

Moreover, you can earn more points for bullets fired with the beat, which makes this game quite a rhythmic exercise that could be easily enjoyed. 

The ten varied soundtracks will take you from vast open spaces to tight hallways to suit each song’s mood.

Dance Central

The best kinds of exercise are those where you are having fun and not counting down the seconds until the end of it. 

With Dance Central, fun is the essence of the game! 

Feel like you are in a nightclub with friends as you move with the in-game avatars. 

It is a full-body low-intensity workout where you can learn and practice trendy moves.

There are 32 songs to pick from, ranging from classic favorites to recent pop hits. 

There is a calorie tracker to keep you motivated as well. Not to mention a virtual multiplayer lounge that allows you dance-off with friends. 

However, the best way to make the most out of Dance Central is to just dance to the beat and enjoy a great time!

Beat Saber

Next up is Beat Saber, which offers a refreshing take on the classic rhythm game. 

Imagine Guitar Hero with a lightsaber instead of a guitar. 

As techno music blasts in the background, slash colored cubes and weave between obstacles by jumping or squatting. 

You can purchase add-ons to unlock beats from famous bands, including Imagine Dragons.

Like most games, it is possible to progress from beginner to expert levels. 

Break some sweat as the number of cubes and intensity level ramp up, and you work to beat high scores. 

Beat Saber is also known for its vast community, so it is a great game to feel involved.

Racket Fury

Table tennis fans, or those who want to try this sport out, should not think twice before getting Racket Fury. 

It is arguably the most realistic VR ping pong game that you will ever find, and we say this without exaggeration. 

You can easily choose from a range of levels so that players of any skill can enjoy it.

The single-player mode lets you compete against the computer, while the online multiplayer mode means you can play against opponents or your own friends. 

As the match gets more heated and your movements become more intense, you sure are in to burn some calories.


Lastly, we would like to recommend Superhot, an independent first-person shooter game where time only moves when you move. 

Like a regular shooter game, your objective is to defeat enemies using a gun or other weapons. 

But what is most captivating is the slow-motion feature that is activated when you freeze! 

This allows you to observe your surrounding and respond effectively.

Superhot is genuinely such an immersive experience as the background story in this game provides an even more engaging way for you to exercise. 

The unique art style of red enemies and black weapons set in a white-and-grey environment also provides a fascinating visual scene.


All in all, it is possible to get a killer workout in your routine through the Oculus Quest. 

You can embark on sweat-inducing adventures from your bedroom or living room. 

Punch, squat, and move around to elevate your heart rate without feeling like you must go through a grueling workout. 

Unlike following along a YouTube video, you will burn calories without feeling like you are exercising!

When played regularly and coupled with a healthy diet, the Oculus Quest might help you reach your fitness goals. 

For an added challenge, why not wear some ankle or wrist weights too?

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