Is Rust Cross-platform in 2021? Find Out Here!

Rust is a game that has been wildly popular with gamers in recent years.

However, there have been many rumors about whether or not Rust will be cross-platform compatible by 2021.

In short, Rust is Cross-platform in 2021 only across the console version. This means players who play Rust on PlayStation and Xbox can play in a multiplayer game together.

Confused? I’m sure you are.

In this article, I will go over the cross-platform support for Rust. 

Will players on PC be able to play against console gamers? Do you know if it will work on all platforms? And more…

You want to read this blog post before you buy the game.

So let’s get started.

Is Rust Going to be Crossplay?

This is a question that has been asked by many Rust fans and one I will be addressing in this article.

Since the release of Rust: Console Edition in 2021, the game has supported cross-platform play.

is rust going to be crossplay?

So all console players can play together in the game.

This means players playing Rust on a PS4 can play together with other players that are also playing the game from their Xbox.

Unfortunately, there is no cross-platform play between PC and the console version of Rust.

We will discuss this further in this post so keep on reading.

Is Rust Cross-platform with PC?

Like we have mentioned above, the PC version of Rust is not cross-platform.

This means players on the PC can only play with other people playing the game from their computer.

In 2021, this might have been a massive issue for many gamers who want to be able to play together with friends or family members who own consoles such as PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription.

This is very unfortunate, considering Rust on PC already has a sizeable player base to play with.

In fact, games are more fun when you have a big group of people to play with.

We’re not surprised that many gamers are disappointed with the news of Rust Cross-platform support not coming to PC anytime soon.

But at least there was an option in 2021. 

Rust: Console Edition supports cross-platform play, allowing all console users to play together regardless of what type of device they were using.

So if you ever wanted to get your hands on some good old-fashioned PVP action via console, then it’s worth checking out!

The bottom line is:

Russ is not cross-platform in its PC version.

So if you want to play Rust with your friends on the console, it would be better not to buy Rust for PC.

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Is Rust Cross-platform Between Xbox and PS4?

Yes, Rust is cross-platform for its Xbox and PS4 players.

If you have a PSN account and want to play Rust with your friends on Xbox, they can still invite you into their game even though you’re playing through different consoles.

Xbox players also get the benefit of being able to join games created by PlayStation users as long as those players allow it.

It’s worth noting, however, that not all servers will be cross-platform compatible, so make sure to do some research before jumping in!

The bottom line is: 

Yes, Rust is indeed cross-platform for its console owners. 

You can just jump into a crossplay server if you want to play with those who use other consoles with you.

Is Rust Cross-platform between Xbox and PC?

No, Rust does not support cross-platform play between Xbox and PC.

The PC version of Rust does not have cross-platform support with the console version.

This means that Rust’s PC players cannot play against Xbox players.

This is such sad news for PC players because Rust is a game that should be played with friends.

This is why it’s so frustrating that the game does not offer any way for these gamers to play together when it comes down to their favorite genre: survival.

The whole point of having an open world in which you need friends or fellow teammates is missing from Rust right now due to this lack of cross-playability between consoles and PCs.

Is Rust Cross-platform between PS4 and PC?

Unfortunately, no. Rust is also not cross-platform between PS4 and PC.

This is because Facepunch studio hasn’t enabled support for cross-platform play on the Rust PC version.

This means that playing with other players with a different platform is impossible for Rust’s PC players.

This would be an issue for PC players wishing to play together with their friends on PSN or Xbox Live, as they will need to purchase Rust and use the same account on the same system to play together.

They will need to spend the same amount of money as if they were to buy Rust for their corresponding console.

That is why players should purchase Rust on the same platform as their friends. 

Or at least buy the console versions of Rust for PlayStation or Xbox.

This is to avoid any potential issues, and financial losses from purchasing one version of the game only to find out it cannot be played with friends on another platform because they have a different gaming console!

How do you crossplay in Rust?

Now to crossplay in Rust is easy.

First of all, you need to remember that you can only crossplay in Rust: Console Edition.

This means you cannot enjoy crossplay in Rust if you play the PC version.

With that out of the way, here’s how you crossplay in Rust: 

All you need to do is go to the server selection on Rust Console Edition. 

When you see a list of available servers where you can join, find one with CP mark on its name – these are Crossplay Servers for players who want to play with others using a different console. 

You can also put a filter, so only crossplay servers show up on the server list.

So all that needs to be done now is joining any CP Server, and voila-you’re can now enjoy crossplay in Rust.

If you are still confused about how do you crossplay in Rust, check out this 1 minute video to help you out:

Conclusion: So is Rust Cross-platform in 2021?

Rust is cross-platform in 2021. However, only its console edition, which has Xbox and PS4 players, can play against each other on the same server.

This means that PC players cannot yet join the fun of surviving this game together with their friends from the console.

There are some limitations to Rust’s cross-platform gameplay, but it doesn’t mean you won’t be able to play alongside your favorite player who prefers consoles!

A PC player will still need to wait for a while before joining all of the fun. 

I hope that the developers behind the game will bring this cross-platform play support to the PC version soon.

After all, Rust is better when you play it with friends!

The Rust game is cross-platform, and I am sure that we will see more of its Crossplay capabilities in the future.

So there you have it.

I hope this article has answered your question about Rust Cross-platform play support.

I hope this blog post helps you figure out if the game is compatible with crossplay or not!

Do you have any questions after reading it? 

Leave a comment below, and I will gladly answer them for you!

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