Is TERA Cross-Platform? Here’s What You Need to Know About This New Feature in 2021!

Cross-platform is an essential feature in a game nowadays.

Gamers all around the world have been looking for the latest game that supports cross-platform play.

In this post, we will address the question: Is TERA Cross-platform?

TERA fans had been asking for this feature for a very long time.

In a nutshell, Yes, TERA is cross-platform.

TERA has cross-platform support for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but not with PC.

Now you can Co-op with your friend from different consoles as you encounter enormous epic monsters while exploring the world of TERA

So if you want to know about TERA cross-platform supports, we will talk about this more below.

Let’s dive right in!

Is TERA Cross-platform in 2021?

You might wonder what is TERA is about?

TERA is short for The Exiled Realm of Arborea.

TERA is an open world MMORPG game with dungeon, PVP, questing, and crafting.

It is free to play!

The game was initially released for PC in 2012, while the version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was released in 2018.

TERA is also available on next-gen consoles like PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X since 2020

The game on PC and console, however, is quite different.

They have different paths and systems.

Since its release, the game had successfully hooked up many players.

As stated by En Masse Studio, in 2017, TERA has 25 million players worldwide.

So back to the question, is TERA Cross-Platform?

The answer is Yes, TERA allows cross-platform play.

@TERAConsole, official twitter of TERA use this image above as their banner on twitter.

A new cross-platform update had come on 19 November 2020, as stated by Sarumonin, a TERA enthusiast.

However, the cross-platform feature only applies to the console version of TERA.

So cross-platform only available for Xbox and PlayStation player.

Before you enter into server selection, there is a question if you want to activate cross-play.

We recommended playing with this cross-play feature.

If you choose to play without cross-play, you will end up playing on a specific server.

This specific server only contains the player with a particular platform with cross-play off.

Whereas if you play on a cross-play server, you will play with a bigger server where players from Xbox and PlayStation4 can play together.

So, naturally, people will prefer to play with the larger mass with the cross-play.

After all, playing TERA is way more fun when playing with more people.

It also enables you and your friends to play together despite having a different console.

Is There Cross-play between Xbox and PC Players?

Sad news for PC players. No, there is no cross-play between Xbox and PC players.

In other words:

Players who play TERA on an Xbox cannot play together with those who play on a PC.

Unfortunately, the game runs with different versions.

PC players are pretty much separated from the console player.

Despite Windows Store and Xbox share the same server, the game server doesn’t.

The games on PC and consoles are also quite different anyway.

The PC version was initially released in May 2012 for European and North-American server. Korea Server had an earlier release in January 2011.

Meanwhile, the console version for Xbox and PlayStation 4 was released in 2018.

The PC version had been renamed several times.

The publisher renamed it “TERA: Rising” in February 2013.

It introduced a new free-to-play model when it was launched.

Besides, the console version also had graphic enhancement, especially for the next-gen console.

Many fans are expecting cross-play between PC and console.

But it seems impossible in the near future for PC to cross-play with their console counterparts.

This is because different developers now handle TERA on PC and TERA on the console.

Let’s hope that both developers can talk and finish this integration as soon as possible.

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Can Xbox and PS4 Play TERA Together?

Yes, Xbox and PS4 Players can play TERA Together.

Because of an update from TERA on 19 November 2020, the game now supports cross-platform play.

The 19 November Updates will merge the server of PlayStation players and Xbox players.

This means a player using an Xbox can now play together with a player using a PS4.

However, the cross-platform play only applies to console players since the PC version has a different path, system, and server.

The official release reveals that the update comes with a new Terafriend system and block system.

As players from different servers merge, there might be some adaptation.

Some will be discussed below.

What if there are two same names on different servers merged into one?

Who will take up the name?

If two same names exist between two servers, the person with the longest playtime will take the name.

The same thing goes with the guild.

How about the boxes, characters, skills, and items?

Don’t worry; they will be fine.

After the server merges, you can still claim the stuff on your old account.

There was also some compensation for these server merger updates.

So, if you are an old player looking to come back, it’s a great deal!

Can You Use Your PC TERA Account on PS4?

Unfortunately, No, you cannot use your PC TERA account on PS4.

As we have mentioned above, the PC TERA account and PS4 account are using different servers.

Before the merge, PS4 Tera is using a PSN account while Xbox also had their account system.

Meanwhile, PC TERA is under the management of Gameforge.

Although they are all subsidiaries of Krafton inc, PC and console TERA use a different server.

So you can’t use your characters, items, and other PC stuff on PS4 or Xbox account.

You might think that many games like battlefield had cross-platform despite many differences, why TERA can’t do the same?

Simply, there are too many differences between the console version and the PC version.

It’s beyond keyboard-mouse and gamepad.

The path, mechanics, and progression are different on PC TERA.

Both PC TERA and Console TERA also had their own exclusive contents.

Imagine, it would be a nightmare for the developer to merge the PC and consoles!

Besides, the game would be so unbalanced where one of the versions will have definite advantages.

Image source: TERA’s Official Website

Conclusion: Can You Play TERA Cross-platform?

Now you have come to the end of this post.

So can you play TERA Cross-platform?

To conclude: Yes, you can play cross-platform on TERA.

You can play cross-platform on TERA console where PlayStation and Xbox players can play together regardless of their console!

So congratulation to console players!

You can now explore dungeons together or do some PvP with your friends despite having a different console.

Bluehole Studio had been putting their effort into making your dreams come true.

There is still an option if you prefer to play without cross-platform.

But, come on? Are you really going to skip that feature? No way!

Meanwhile, Playing TERA on PC is an entirely different game.

As it has different development studios, it doesn’t have cross-play features at the moment.

Let’s just hope that they can make all the platform to be cross-platform compatible.

So there you have it!

Let us know what do you think about this excellent feature of TERA.

Are you going to play TERA on console and cross-play with your friends?

Or will you stick to TERA on PC?

Either way, let us know using the comment box below!

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