Is Terraria Cross Platform in 2021? Here are the Answers You Are Looking For!

Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite games, Terraria.

Specifically, I’m trying to answer is that Terraria supports cross-platform play?

Well, the short answer is yes and no. 

Terraria is cross-platform on its mobile version but not on its console and PC version.

In this post, we will answer some frequently asked questions about Terraria cross-platform capability:

  • Does Terraria support cross-platform play in 2021?
  • Can Xbox Terraria Play with PC?
  • Can Xbox and PS4 Play Terraria Together?

Let’s get started.

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Does Terraria Support Cross-Platform Play in 2021?

The exciting adventure game of Terraria is full of action, in which players can build and mine and do anything they want. 

Since its first release in 2011, it has been a favorite for millions of players worldwide. 

You can play with friends online using its multiplayer capability, but is it cross-platform? 

To understand if Terraria supports cross-platform play in 2021, we should look at the definition of cross-platform games first. 

Cross-platform games refer to games that can be played across multiple gaming platforms or consoles.

For example, a gamer with an Xbox can play together with a gamer with a PS4 if they play a game that supports cross platform play.

Most modern games, in general, supports cross-platform plays. 

And the ability to play across multiple platforms with many players is one of the greatest appeals a modern game can have.

Furthermore, you might be wondering why cross-platform games are so in demand, especially during these times. 

It allows friends or strangers to play the same game together despite using different hardware platforms.

This feature would open up the possibility of more expansive online multiplayer environments.

Terraria itself is a fun and versatile video game that imposes no limits on the imagination. 

There is something for everyone.

Whether you want to shoot enemies and defend your land, build majestic architecture, explore worlds, or collect objects.

Perhaps this is what makes Terraria such an interactive game for multiple players to collaborate.

The good news is that Terraria does support cross-platform play in 2021. 

This includes Windows, Mac, and Linux, to Playstation 3, 4, and Vita, as well as Android and iOS. 

Although some of these combinations are mutually exclusive. 

Players on the PC and consoles version can’t play cross-platform with each other.

Only players playing on mobile can play cross-platform, at least in 2021.

In other words:

Players playing with an Android device can play with players with an iOS device.

We know that Terraria is available on all major gaming platforms there are today.

Unfortunately, the game still does not fully support cross-platform play between consoles and PC even in 2021.

Image source: Terraria Official Twitter

Luckily, the developers of Terraria stated that they would consider making it happen when it is finally possible.

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Can Xbox Terraria Play with PC? 

If Terraria sounds like a game you would enjoy playing and have bought it, then congratulations. 

There is a huge possibility of you being able to play it with all of your friends. 

But to be sure, it is a good idea to see if the platforms you are using can play together with your friends. 

Here is the big question that many are wondering: 

Can Xbox and PC users play Terraria together?

First of all, you should know that most PC owners can now immerse themselves in the world of Terraria. 

At least, as long as they are using Windows, Mac, and Linux. 

As these are the most common platforms for those playing on a computer, this should not be a problem at all.

Those who own an Xbox would also be delighted to know that they can enjoy cross-platform gaming too. 

That is if the other player is also accessing Terraria on an Xbox console. 

It does not matter if it is the Xbox One or Xbox 360, as both should be able to play together.

However, Xbox Terraria players still cannot play together with PC Terraria players.

To put it another way:

This means that you cannot play with friends on a PC if you are using an Xbox console. 

If you really want to play together with your friends, I suggest you play on the PC version of Terraria instead.

I mean, nowadays people will have a computer or a laptop of some sort in their home.

You and your friend can just install Steam and download Terraria from it.

I kid you not – Terraria is a very light game with a very minimum system requirement.

Most PCs or laptops will be able to run this game buttery-smooth without any problem.

So if you want to play together with your friends, you can play on the PC version instead.

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Can Xbox and PS4 Play Terraria Together?

While Terraria has been working on cross-platform plays, the answer to this question would still be a resounding no. 

This adventure game does support cross-platform for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 players. 

It means that you can play with anyone who is also playing on an Xbox, whichever of the recent consoles.

Cross-platform is also possible on the various PlayStation consoles. 

This includes PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and even PlayStation Vita.

So anyone on either of these platforms could play together in the same Terraria game.

But, players from the Xbox console still can’t play together with players with PS4.

Also, PS4 users cannot play with a player on Switch either.

Talks about the support from cross-platform between consoles have been around for quite some time.

I mean, the question about Terraria’s cross-platform capability keeps on popping every day.

If you check Terraria’s Reddit or forums, you might see that question.

Now, if you really want to play the game together with your friends, you should hear me out.

Like I have mentioned before, at least Terraria is a cross-platform on mobile.

Whether you are using Android or iOS, Terraria enables users to install it and play with each other. 

That is right! 

You can now play on the go using your iPhone with someone who is on an Android device. 

So, if you want to play together with your friends, you should play it on mobile.

In 2021, I believe you and your friend will each have a mobile phone.

You can just install the game and play it together. Easy.

The best part?

You can save money and don’t have to buy another console just to play with your friends.

Conclusion: Is Terraria Cross-Platform?

While not all games are cross-platform and let you play online with other types of platforms, a lot of them are. 

Fortunately, Terraria is a cross-platform game.

It does support cross-platform for its mobile version, where players can play with each other even if they have a different operating system.

So if you want to play the game together with your friends, the easiest way is to play in the mobile version.

At the end of the day, the best platform or console for you to use is the one at hand. 

And everyone in 2021 has a mobile phone in hand.

So it is the easiest way to have Terraria cross-platform in 2021.

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