What is Mic Monitoring? Ultimate Guide of Mic Monitoring in 2021

More than ever today, headsets have become a crucial and common part of our daily lives, whether it is used for gaming or work-related purposes. 

You may have heard a lot of people talk about mic monitoring, but what is it really?

Essentially, the mic monitoring feature lets you to hear yourself in a headset whenever you are speaking into it. 

This will in turn help people know how loud or quietly they are talking.

Suffice to say, this feature has become a gamechanger and essential part of online gaming. 

Most headsets today come with mic monitoring, so don’t worry!

Is Mic Monitoring Important?

You know now that mic monitor allows you to hear your own voice in your headset. 

Well, you also need to learn about just what this does to understand if it is important.

In short, it is crucial for you to mic monitor, especially when playing games where you’d need to communicate with other players. 

Why, you may ask?

If you are a serious gamer, you might have met people who aren’t aware that they are talking too loudly. 

This booming voice and sudden exclamations could give you an uncomfortable experience, even to the point of injuring your eardrums.

That’s why being able to hear one’s own voice in their headphones can help people see how loudly (or quietly) they are speaking. 

This helps keep their voice to a proper level, which will create maximum enjoyment for everyone in the game.

Talking without being able to hear yourself is also undeniably weird. 

Are you saying real words, or is it just incomprehensible sounds?

Plus, mic monitoring is important as it gives us more control and awareness in a gameplay for a more harmonized user experience. 

Not to mention that it allows people to troubleshoot issues and check if their headsets are working.

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How do I Mic Monitor on my Xbox One?

Moving on the actual process, how does one turn on mic monitoring? 

You should first know that each gaming platform has a different way of activating this feature, though it’s usually quite easy to do.

Most devices are compatible with mic monitoring settings, so you can easily change its volume and input options. 

It is usually not a default setting on computers, but today we are going to discuss how to mic monitor on an Xbox One.

After confirming that your headset has a mic monitoring features, pair the 3.4mm Xbox One Chat Headset with the 3.5mm jack on your Xbox One. 

While mic monitoring is already a default setting on Xbox, you might need to go through several steps to adjust the volume.

Simply go to the home screen and press the Xbox button on you controller, then choose “Audio” in the “System” icon on the far right of the screen. 

You should see three sliders, and all you need to do is adjust the last one until you reach the desired volume.

However, note that these steps might not be the same for every headset and device. 

It always helps to check out the user manual or tutorial videos for even clearer instructions!

Do All Headsets Have Mic Monitoring?

Perhaps you are wondering if mic monitoring is so important and useful, is it available in all headsets? 

Well, the truth is most headsets will have mic monitoring features, though we can’t say the same for older and outdated models.

Because of the proven benefits of mic monitoring, headset manufacturers now often make it a default setting. 

Without it, most online gamers have expressed complaints and discomfort over too-loud voices that disturb the overall enjoyment of the experience.

So, if you go out and buy any headset in the market these days, chances are they would have a mic monitoring feature. 

This critical necessity has shown time and again of the advantages it could give gamers, specifically when playing online video games.

You will also find that the mic monitoring feature is available in most wired or wireless headsets of various kinds. 

This includes headset types made for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One and others.

Not only does this technology enable a better gaming experience for all gamers involved, the voice and volume control can be quite handy too. 

Plus, users are able to receive real-time feedback of their voice volume and adjust it accordingly.

All in all, mic monitoring has become an essential and extremely helpful feature in playing online games. 

It allows players to control their volumes as to not disturb others with excessively loud shouts for a comfortable gameplay.

Mic monitoring also allows easy troubleshooting as users can notice if their headset or mic is experiencing a problem. 

That is why it is a very important part for any online gamer.

This increasingly popular feature can be found in most headsets nowadays. 

And while different devices have different settings, it’s usually easy to turn it on.

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