Razer Cortex Review. One of the Best Game Booster in 2021.

Does your PC or laptop started to feel slow and losing its peak performance?

Don’t worry. You have come to the right place.

In this post, we will share our review of Razer Cortex.

In a nutshell, Razer Cortex is software from Razer that aims to improve your PC or laptop performance. Razer Cortex will improve your PC performance by making some tweaks in the background that enables your PC to run efficiently.

If you want to learn more about this piece of software, you will enjoy this post.

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Does Razer Cortex Actually Work?

In their official website, Razer claims that Razer Cortex can give you faster, smoother PC performance when gaming.

But does it actually work?

Well, we are here to tell you that Razer Cortex actually works!

Razer Cortex works by stopping programs running on the computer background that you might not need for gaming.

By stopping these programs, your PC can now have more resources to run your games faster and smoother.

In other words:

Fewer apps running on your PC means more processing power your computer will have to spare.

For instance, by disabling several programs on our background, we can get more RAM and CPU power to run our games.

More RAM and CPU power will definitely translate to faster and smoother gaming performance.

In fact, one test stated that Razer Cortex could free up to 1 to 2 GB of RAM.

However, Razer Cortex comes with a caveat.

It only works on old and outdated PC with limited RAM and CPU power.

We ran our Razer Cortex review on two different gaming computers.

The first computer comes with only 4GB of RAM and an outdated i5 processor.

The second computer is equipped with Intel i9-10900K and 16GB of RAM.

On the first test computer, Razer Cortex actually gives us a better gaming experience by freeing up RAM and CPU space.

The game that we tested ran smoother and loaded faster than usual.

The test on the second computer, however, does not return with a satisfying result.

With Razer Cortex running in the background, there are no differences in load time and gaming performance.

In conclusion, Razer Cortex only works on an outdated or old PC. You will not see any differences if you are using a powerful system with plenty of RAM and CPU power.

Many gamers are actually against using game booster like Razer Cortex because you can manually turn off background apps using Windows Task Manager.

However, we strongly suggest you use Razer Cortex if you want a simple and easy operation.

After all, turning off processes and programs by yourself can be quite risky.

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Does Razer Cortex Improve FPS?

Image credit: Razer

There’s no simple answer as it depends on the specification of your PC and the games that you play.

As we know now, Razer Cortex works by freeing up processing and memory resources.

If your pc has considerable RAM capacity, like 16 GB, most likely you won’t get much improvement.

But let’s say you have 4 GB of RAM; Razer Cortex will help the game to have more room to breathe.

It also has an FPS counter which allows you to record the frame rate on a chart.

With that chart, you can get insight into what tweak you should do to improve it.

RAM is one thing; there are also other things, like the processor and the GPU.

If you have an old GPU, please remember that Razer Cortex only frees up RAM and processing power. 

So, theoretically, Razer Cortex won’t affect your FPS much.

Also, if the game is more GPU intensive, Razer Cortex won’t do much. 

Freeing RAM and process doesn’t help much for the GPU rendering process.

Meanwhile, if your game is more CPU-bound, like CS:GO and DoTA, Razer Cortex will probably do its magic.

To conclude, Razer Cortex might increase your FPS if the game you play is more CPU-bound like CS: GO. However, if your games use more GPU power, then Razer Cortex will not increase your FPS.

If you want to see how this Razer Cortex might affect your FPS, you can watch these benchmark videos.

From this video, you can see Razer Cortex before and after performance.

You can also see which games will benefit from Razer Cortex and which games that ignore the Razer Cortex.

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Is Razer Cortex Safe?

Yeah, Razer Cortex is very safe.

As you probably know, Razer is a brand within the gaming industry.

Many of their product have a positive review.

Ever since it’s released into public in 2014, many gamers had used Razer Cortex without serious problems.

Furthermore, the antivirus test below shows that Razer Cortex is clean from antivirus and malware. 

So, it won’t harm your PC.

Playing a game with Razer Cortex won’t cause an issue.

Feel free to try if it really works or not on your system. 

If you find it works, then you can keep it.

Meanwhile, if you experience no improvement or even a performance drop, you can uninstall it.

You lose nothing, as it’s free and no harm.

Is Razer Cortex a Virus?

No, Razer Cortex is not a virus.

The test result from LO4D on Razer Cortex

As tested by LO4D, it shows that Razer Cortex clean from any virus.

LO4D had installed Razer Cortex and then scan it with dozen of antivirus

The antivirus varies from Kaspersky, Avast, Avira, AVG, Bit Defender, McAfee, Norton, and many more,

They all show the same result. Razor Cortex is safe and free from viruses.

Furthermore, they scan it for malware and spam tests on G-Data, Google Safe browsing, Malware DomainList, Yandex, and others.

They all also show the same result. 

Razor Cortex is clean from malware and spam.

So, it’s not a virus and not harmful to your PC.

Final Words

Razer Cortex is safe and clean from virus malware and won’t harm your computer.

It works by freeing up RAM and processing power on your computer.

The software works really well on a computer with limited RAM and old CPUs.

Razer Cortex is also proven to be useful when you are playing games that are more CPU intensive.

Some games, however, are more GPU-intensive. 

Some systems also may already have enormous RAM and processing resources.

In these situations, you might prefer not to install Razer Cortex.

So, whether Razer Cortex good or bad, it depends on your system and your game.

Considering it’s free and doesn’t have any advertisement on it, while other competitors had a bunch of ads on them, we suggest that you try Razer Cortex by yourself.

Now I’d like to hear from you.

Have you ever tried any game booster like Razer Cortex before?

How do you find it? Is it working?

Please let us know your result by commenting in the comment box below.

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