What Is Steam Yellow Name And How To Get It in 2021!

Steam is one of the excellent sites that bond a lot of game lovers or community. 

People love those features and decide to use the platform for a lot of things.

But there are many worth mentioning features that make Steam renowned around the online realm. 

One of them is the vast ability to create a nickname on Steam.

Admit it; you might feel intrigued with the unique naming that consists of nicknames, symbols, tags, or even cool font. But how about the Steam yellow name?

This is a unique name that available for a limited time. Interested? Let’s check it out!

Understanding The Cool Looking Yellow Colored Steam Name

Steam Yellow Username

Does your friends’ name have a glittering golden or yellow name? How could it be?

In recent years, many people starting to questioning this kind of nicknames. One reason is that the name looks better than the plain white ones.

There is no doubt that people are starting to get envious, especially when the yellow name starts to appear here and there. 

This possibility can mean a lot, which you will find in the latter part.

Anyway, what is this kind of unique Steam name? One thing that you should understand is the fact that the name is one of the features given by Steam since the 2019 Lunar New Year sale.

That is it. Your friends that has the cool looking name pay for some cash to get the Steam yellow name and use it for around three months.

Based on one of the threads in stackexchange, the yellow name user also has a gold profile and border for their profile avatar. 

While it might be for a limited time, but one thing for sure, the yellowish golden color looks rather premium.

Based on other sources, gflclan.com said that the yellow-colored names have existed since 2017 or longer. 

The yellow name itself supposed to be a reward for a high leveled or stared users and part of the Steam holiday sale.

For your information, many rumors said the users that exploit yellow-colored profile names would get banned. 

But the great news was this rumor was a rumor.

About the information, you can say that the whole yellow nickname was part of the Steam features. 

The name also has been on the platform for years, so it is not something uncommon.

What Does Yellow Name On Steam Mean?

So actually, what does the name represent? 

The answer will be straightforward; it is a common name that changed color because of the Steam reward.

That’s it. But to make it more clear, that means your friends or any other users bought the right for a few dollars a.k.a $100 in tokens.

Many people consider that the money you spend on this feature is not worth it, since it only works for a few months. And you have to pay for 1,000 tokens each month for the name.

But before that, you have to pay one month before you can buy it for a year. 

That means you should spend around 16,000 tokens for a year.

Yet, some threads say that the Lunar new year color is not yellow but gold. So this is one thing that you should underline.

Most people confuse those two-color themes and mess with the definition. But still, there is nothing wrong with having either a golden or yellow name on Steam.

Before you feel discouraged with the fact, there are some ways to get the name; This is not impossible anyway.

But remember that Steam is very strict with the users’ behaviors; one exploit might lead to a ban. 

So, be careful and keep on reading for more information.

How Do You Color Your Steam Name?

If you still keep on going and reading this article till here, that means you are curious and want this particular cool looking name, right? 

One thing for sure, there is one exact way to get it.

The answer is joining the special holiday reward, the Lunar New Year Steam Sale, and bought for the golden or yellow color. 

As explained before, you should spend some dollars to make it come true.

For those who are okay with spending some dollars, it is better to keep updated with Steam’s holiday auction and profile. 

In this case, there is a lot of game to win and you will get lots of token from it.

You will be able to buy the yellow name on the Steam feature after compiling enough token. 

Yet, there is something you should know about the transaction.

First, you need a lot of tokens (around 4K to 16K). 

Second, you don’t have to buy 100-dollar worth of tokens, but rather you should spend the same amount in a game.

Thus, you will get the tokens that you will need for the name. But, worth noting that you should not refund the games because you will lose all the tokens.

Related Question About The Steam Name

Yellow Nickname on Steam

Some online threads tell people how to change the name color by adding some symbol (^) along with a number as a color code. 

Some of the information even have a color chart from red, green, yellow, to black.

Be careful with this kind of thread. Not all of the threads work, and not all of them are real.

Some of the how-to-make Steam yellow name threads are fake. 

Even worse, the thread will make your name disappear, gone, or invisible for specific games you are currently playing.

So, the yellow-colored Steam nicknames are about spending some tokens for a special holiday reward. 

It’s okay if you want to get it and spend quite a lot of money to join the reward from Steam.

There are many new games that you can buy at Steam. 

This means you can stack up some tokens for purchasing the feature later on.

You should note that you don’t ever think about cheating or exploiting the features. 

And forget about some crazy tips you found on the internet, since it might affect your account.

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