The Blackweb 7.1 Gaming Headset Review

blackweb gaming headset review

Whether you are a casual or professional gamer, you might find that wear a gaming headset can greatly enhance your gameplay.  Not only will it give you a more immersive experience, but it will also enable you to hear small sound details and communicate clearly with other players too. There are many different types and …

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Arctis Pro vs. Arctis 7 – Which One Should You Buy in 2021?

arctis pro vs arctis 7

With the rise of online gaming, there is no doubt that the gaming headset is getting more popular these days.  From many brands outside there, Arctis SteelSeries will surface quite often.  In this case, the Arctis SteelSeries 7 and the Arctis Pro are two of the most dominant candidate to choose from.  Both are the …

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Is Gaming Headset Good for Online Teaching in 2021?

is gaming headset good for online teaching?

Covid-19 has made online teaching and studying the new normal.  Both students and teachers are forced to adapt, yet many teachers wonder if gaming headsets are good for online teaching. The main obstacle of distance teaching and studying is the background noise.  It can be a real challenge to discuss trigonometry and algebra when your …

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Can Gaming Headsets be Used for Music in 2021?

can gaming headset be used for music

So, you’ve just bought a gaming headset and can now experience an incredibly immersive gameplay. And yet the ultimate question remains: can gaming headsets be used for music? The short answer to this ultimate questions is: Of course you can! Music headphones produce non-colored audio precisely the way composers intend it to sound.  Meanwhile, gaming …

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Do Gaming Mouse Pads Matter in 2021?

does gaming mouse pad make difference

The gaming mouse pad is a staple of competitive gaming.  You see a lot of pro gamers use some kind of mousepad whenever they compete on the stage. And yes, these gaming mousepads really matter if you play competitive gaming. They can make a difference between a win or lose. The primary purpose of using …

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