Windows 10 Home vs. Pro for Gaming. Which One Should You Get?

This is a guide for choosing which Windows 10 version is best for gaming.

We will try to answer the question of Windows 10 Home vs. Pro for Gaming.

Basically, the gaming performance of Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro will be just the same.

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In this guide, you’ll learn everything there is to know about Windows 10 for gaming, including:

  • Which Windows 10 is Best for Gaming?
  • Windows 10 Home vs. Pro: Which One is Faster?
  • Is Windows 10 Home Better than Pro?
  • Can You Play Games on Windows 10 Pro?
  • Why is Windows 10 Home More Expensive than Pro?
  • And many more.

So if you want to know which Windows 10 version you should get for gaming, you will love this post.

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Which Windows 10 is Best for Gaming?

Windows 10 is a PC operating system that is launched back in 2015.

It is the most popular gaming platform today in the world.

In fact, out of 1 billion Steam users, almost 90% of them use Windows 10 as their operating system.

There are two main versions of Windows 10 available to the general people today.

Windows 10 Home Edition and Windows 10 Pro Version.

Windows 10 Home will be the Windows 10 version for the general majority of people.

It includes all the basic features you need like Microsoft Office, Edge browser, Cortana, Windows Halo, etc.

Windows 10 Pro, on the other hand, comes with features that businesses or IT people may use.

Windows 10 Pro comes with extra security features like BitLocker device encryption and Windows Information Protection (WIP).

It also has several features for small – businesses like the ability to manage access and policy, Remote Desktop Protocol capability, and many more.

In short:

Windows 10 Pro is Windows 10 Home with some additional business-oriented features.

To know more about the difference between Windows 10 version, you can go to this neat post.

Now which Windows 10 is best for gaming?

Both Windows 10 version will deliver the exact same performance for gaming.

It is the truth about Windows 10 for gaming.

You might think to yourself:

Since the Windows 10 Pro is more expensive, it should be able to deliver more gaming performance, right?

Unfortunately, No.

Windows 10 Pro does have more features, but the additional features bring no effect to your gaming performance.

So which Windows 10 version should you choose for gaming?

Since they offer the same performance to gaming, honestly, I’d get whichever version has the lowest price.

Windows 10 Home vs. Pro for gaming really come out in a tie.

You can get a great gaming experience with whatever version, honestly.

Windows 10 Home Vs. Pro: Which Is Faster?

Windows 10 Home vs. Pro: Which is Faster?

Speed is all that a gamer wants from their computer.

So the question about which one is faster will definitely come out.

Talking about which Windows 10 version is faster has been around for quite a bit.

New gamers will probably think that Windows 10 Pro will be faster than a Windows 10 Home because it is more expensive.

I kid you no – I also think this way previously.

I always believe that the more expensive it is, the better the gaming performance I will get.

However, that is also not the truth. 

Sometimes a premium price does not mean it will be faster for your games.

This is the case with Windows 10 Pro.

No, Windows 10 Pro is faster than a Windows 10 Home.


What makes a computer fast or not is not the operating system if you don’t know already.

What makes a system run faster will be the component inside the computer.

I’m talking about CPU, GPU, RAM, and your storage of choice.

If you use outdated or old components, it will be slow for modern gaming in 2020.

Since the operating system are both using Windows 10, they will have the same performance.

What really makes a difference is the component inside.

But you might be wondering:

“Isn’t Windows 10 Pro capable of handling 2 TB of RAM? Thus it should be faster than a Windows 10 Home!”

Here’s the deal:

You don’t need 2TB of RAM for a gaming computer.

In fact, you will be just fine with 16 GB of RAM.

Anything above that point will be useless and a waste of money.

Learn more about what does RAM do for Gaming here

That is why you don’t need that extra capacity from a Windows 10 Pro for gaming.

Plus, extra RAM only will not make your computer faster.

Learn more about: how many ram do you need 

So here’s the bottom line:

A Windows 10 Pro is not faster for gaming than a Windows 10 Home because all the Pro’s additional feature is not intended for gaming.

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Is Windows 10 Home Better Than Pro?

Is Windows 10 Home Better than Pro?

So then, is the Windows 10 Home better than the Pro version?

When the newest version of Microsoft’s operating system was released back in 2015, many people, including us gamers, were confused about which one to pick.

Should a gamer choose the Home or the Pro version?

The Pro version comes with features like BitLocker, group policy, Remote Dekstop Protocol, etc., that might be useful for business.

In other words:

The Pro version is made for business and commercial use.

However, it costs more than the Home version.

So, is it worth the money?

In my opinion, no, it is not.

I think that Windows 10 Home version is better than the Pro version. 

Here is why:

You can do everything with the Home version that you can do with the Pro version.

You can still have multiple apps and games running at the same time without having the Pro version.

You can still personalize your computer and have the Pro version’s security features with 3rd party apps.

Second of all, most people don’t need the Pro version for their jobs.

This is especially true if you only play games on your computer.

I have talked to many gamers who have the Home version, and they haven’t needed to upgrade to the Pro version.

They all say that they can game just fine without the extra features that the Pro version provides.

In fact, some of them even said that they saved money and use that money to buy better components for their computer.

In conclusion, I believe the Home version is all that most people and gamers need.

It is better than the Pro version because it has everything you need to enjoy a great gaming experience.

And it comes with a cheaper price tag too!

Can You Play Games on Windows 10 Pro?

Yes, you can still play games on a Windows 10 Pro version.

In fact, many professional gamers prefer to use the Pro version.

They said it gives them better security and protection than the Home version.

This is especially important for people who stream their games online.

This is one of the questions that I get a lot from new gamers or older people.

They think that because Windows 10 Pro is created with business and commercial use in mind, they cannot play games on it.

Why is Windows 10 Home More Expensive than Pro?

Sometimes you’ll find that the Home is more expensive than the Pro version.

Especially when you are looking at 3rd party places or sites to buy Windows 10 license keys.

I think the Home gets more expensive just because some people on the internet are trying to get as much profit as possible from their license key.

They will increase their price of Windows 10 Home license key to the point it gets more expensive than a Pro version.

However, it would be best to buy the license key through a trusted website or even Microsoft’s official website.

This way, you can get a Windows 10 Home cheaper than the Pro.

After all, the Pro version has more features that are aimed at business and professionals, making it more premium than the Home version.

Conclusion: Windows 10 Home vs. Pro for Gaming.

So is there any significant difference between the Windows 10 Home vs. Pro for gaming?

No, there isn’t. 

You can play any games on either version of the operating system just fine.

Some games may require a more powerful computer than others, but that is because of those particular games’ intense graphical requirement.

Not because of your operating system.

I do believe that most gamers should get the Home version of Windows 10.

It can run just fine like the Pro with a more affordable price tag.

With that extra money, you can now purchase a better component for your computer.

Like beefier CPU, for example. Or even more RAM.

Final Words

I hope you learn something from this guide.

Now I’d love to hear what do you think about the Windows 10 version.

Are you going to buy the Home version?

Or maybe you think that the Pro version is better for games?

Either way, let us know what you think by commenting right down below.

Thank you, and have a good day!

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