Can Gaming Headsets be Used for Music in 2021?

So, you’ve just bought a gaming headset and can now experience an incredibly immersive gameplay.

And yet the ultimate question remains: can gaming headsets be used for music?

The short answer to this ultimate questions is: Of course you can!

Music headphones produce non-colored audio precisely the way composers intend it to sound. 

Meanwhile, gaming headsets mainly focus on delivering a surround sound effect with stronger bass sounds to transport you into the virtual world. 

Gaming headsets have different engineering that wouldn’t give you the same experience as music or audiophile headsets would. 

But there really are no major reasons for you to not use gaming headsets for music or vice versa.

So yeah, you can go ahead and use your gaming headsets for music.

Using Gaming Headset for Music 

The short answer to your question is yes, you can use a gaming headset for music. 

The long answer? It depends on the brand, its audio profile, and how much you care for fidelity.

Some brands, like Sennheiser, originate from a manufacturing background in the music industry and have brought their previous expertise into creating gaming headsets. 

Unfortunately, most gaming headsets that come from a purely gaming brand will not be able to produce music sounds that are as accurate or realistic. 

This is because the sounds in a video game are not the same as sounds you might hear when listening to music. 

Therefore, manufacturers need to design two different headsets that cater to each of their intended purposes differently.

For gaming, this purpose is to enhance the ambiance and transport players straight into the gameplay world. 

On the other hand, music headsets emphasize audio quality, sound fidelity, and delivering the most accurate sounds to recreate the music producer’s visions.

Note that the sounds produced by gaming headsets may be tiring too, which might eventually spoil your listening experience by giving you mushy music that is muffled and foggy. 

Plus, you do not usually have the option to adjust the treble or bass.

If those things mentioned above are not minus points to your music listening experience, using a gaming headset for music will not be a problem for you.

What is the Difference between Gaming Headphones and Music Headphones? 

Perhaps you are wondering about the exact things which set gaming and regular music headphones apart. 

Well, you are right to ask as their features both have a different focus and aim.

Video games are jampacked with various sounds that can heighten the experience and make playing games more fun. 

You can hear anything from character speech and howling winds to massive explosions and continuous gunshots.

What about music headphones? Well, the essence of this headset type is to provide a realistic depiction of music with a wider soundstage. 

This allows users to listen to the music exactly the way producers and songwriters want them to sound.

This means gaming headsets have a stronger bass profile that sacrifices realism to bring the games to life and create a surround sound effect. 

Oppositely, music headsets are more balanced and feature advanced drivers for a wider frequency range.

In terms of size, gaming headsets are usually bulkier with an over-ear design. 

Music headphones boast an excellent portability for easy use anywhere.

Moreover, gaming headsets will almost always come with a noise-canceling microphone and a boom to communicate better between players. 

Some music headsets include a mic too, although theirs are often not as high quality.

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Are Gaming Headsets Worth It? 

Now you know that gaming headsets are generally okay to use for some music. 

Still, they will not be able to sound as accurate or harmonically pleasing as music headsets.

If that is the case, you may be asking if gaming headsets are really worth it. 

Again, this comes down to how serious you are about your gaming and how much you prioritize an immersive and professional gameplay experience.

The main benefit of using a gaming headset is its precision and extremely high sound quality, especially with more high-end models. 

This means you can hear even the most detailed and subtle sounds that you might miss on speakers.

Another essential feature of the gaming headset is its built-in mic and boom, usually noise-canceling, so it can enhance your speaking voice while blocking any background noises. 

With intense gaming sessions and competitions, communicating with your teammates in a clear, real-time manner is essential.

So, if you want to ensure maximum enjoyment and be fully immersed in the games you are playing, gaming headsets are worth it. 

Not only will you get an exciting surround sound and three-dimensional audio, but you can also communicate with your fellow players clearly.

All in all, gaming headsets have an evidently different sound reproduction from music headsets. This is because they are meant to simulate two different experiences and purposes.

Despite their differences, there is no reason why you cannot occasionally use your gaming headset for music. 

However, we do recommend using normal music headsets for long-term listening as they can give you more accurate and enjoyable music!

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