Is Gaming Headset Good for Online Teaching in 2021?

Covid-19 has made online teaching and studying the new normal. 

Both students and teachers are forced to adapt, yet many teachers wonder if gaming headsets are good for online teaching.

The main obstacle of distance teaching and studying is the background noise. 

It can be a real challenge to discuss trigonometry and algebra when your family is talking loudly in the next room.

Therefore, having a high-quality headset with a noise-canceling feature is helpful as it allows you to have clearer conversations. 

While gaming headsets are specifically designed to enhance gameplays, they actually work immensely well for online teaching.

Do I Need a Headset for Online Teaching?

Perhaps the fundamental question that we should first address is if one needs a headset for online teaching. 

We’d say it depends, but headsets are definitely crucial for teachers and students who expect to be transmitting more audio.

A good headset for online teaching will have an excellent microphone piece, as this ensures your students or classmates can hear you well.

It should also have a noise-canceling technology to block out any distracting ambient noises.

It is not to say that you cannot use your computer’s built-in audio or even earphones. 

However, note that these are often more low quality and will transmit any surrounding noises through the call.

The result? Grainy sounds and unclear voice, so that your words are not as clear and crisp as they should be. 

This will also disrupt the online teaching and learning session, especially when others spend more time trying to discern what you’ve said than actually processing its content.

The bottom line is while there is no obligation for you to use a headset for online teaching, we highly recommend doing so. 

The high-quality voice and lack of background interference will undoubtedly give you a more productive and conducive teaching session.

Can I Use a Gaming Headset to Work From Home? 

Now you know why a headset can be quite crucial during online teaching. 

The same reasons also apply to other jobs that you are working from home, especially if it involves many conference calls and meetings.

More importantly, can you use a gaming headset to work from home? 

Many people may be asking this because even the most affordable gaming headsets are not that cheap, so they’d like to use it for as many things as possible.

If you are wondering if they are good to conduct online conversations, including teaching, it’s very understandable. 

First, let’s understand what sets gaming headsets apart from regular ones.

Gaming headsets feature stronger bass and a surround sound effect, as they are made for gamers to enjoy an immersive experience.

Fortunately, online video games often require players to talk with each other, which is why they also include built-in mics.

These mics usually offer high-quality sounds and feature noise-canceling technology too.

Unless you are working in the music industry where accurate sound reproduction is essential, it’s safe to say you could probably use a gaming headset to work from home.

This is because gaming headsets are meant to enhance game sound effects, like explosions and gunshots. 

Whereas balanced and accurate sounds require a different kind of headset design altogether.

Can You Use a Gaming Headset for Phone Calls?

On a similar note, another popular question about gaming headsets is if they can be used for phone calls. 

Perhaps your job requires a lot of conversations and sharing insights as you progress, which is why you’d like to know the best technology for this.

In short, the answer is yes! While different gaming headsets offer various quality, you can generally use a gaming headset for phone calls.

You should first realize that a good phone call requires you to be able to both receive and transmit sounds clearly. 

This way, you can work more effectively while also avoiding any misunderstandings due to unclear speech.

Most gaming headsets are actually decent sounding, considering that they are manufactured for in-game calls too. 

You can’t go wrong with a gaming headset that comes with a noise-canceling microphone.

We truly cannot stress the previous point enough, as being able to filter out any background noises will make a lot of difference in your call quality. 

This allows you to have professional sounding audio, even with your family watching TV just outside your room.

What Is The Best Gaming Headset for Online Teaching?

As we know now, while you are teaching online, you should have a good headset to make your teaching and communication with your student more enjoyable so that they can understand you better. 

what is the best gaming headset for online teaching
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Here I would like to recommend a good one – The Steelseries Arctis 3.

It is an excellent headset with excellent sound quality and noise-canceling function. 

The microphone on this gaming headset is excellent at eliminating surrounding sound and only picking up the sound coming out of your mouth, ideal for online teaching.

The Steelseries Arctis 3 features a retractable microphone that you can when you are not using the mic.

It also features a Suspension Band on the headset frame that allows you to wear the headset more comfortable for a very long time.

Another feature of this gaming headset is its design.

The Steelseries Arctis 3 is designed really simple and sleek, without looking too much like a gaming headset.

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This makes it ideal for teaching online without gaining too much attention because you are wearing a flashy gaming headset.

What’s more, the price of this headset is reasonable. The headsets often get on sale.

Overall, you will have a good time with this headset, whether you listen to music, play games, or teach online. 

You can get the best price on this gaming headset thru the button below.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, a gaming headset is good for online teaching when you are in a pinch. 

However, there is no harm in getting a specific headset wired for conference calls, as this lets you deliver the best quality voice for clearer communication.

Besides, it seems that we will continue to embrace virtual meetings even after the pandemic subsides. 

Why not invest in a good headset for work that will last you for many years?

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