Are Gaming Chairs Worth It? [2021 Ultimate Guide]

In this post, we are going to discuss extensively about gaming chairs.

Are gaming chairs worth it?

In short, gaming chairs are worth it because a good gaming chair will help you maintain a good posture while gaming. 

It will benefit your neck and back whenever you play for an extended time.

To further see whether a gaming chair is worth it, we will discuss:

  • Do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference?
  • Are Gaming Chairs Good for Posture and Your Back?
  • Why are Gaming Chairs so Expensive?
  • And so on…

So if you are looking for some answers about gaming chairs in 2021 and beyond, you will love this guide.

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Are Gaming Chairs Worth The Money?

The PC gaming industry is on the rise.

There is no doubt that peripheral and accessories related to PC gaming will also come along.

In this case, one product that gains a lot of interest is the gaming chairs.

With more and more people working from home due to the global pandemic, gaming chairs are getting a lot of interest from the buyer.

The cool-looking designed chair comes with gaming flairs all over it. 

So, are gaming chairs worth it for you and your money? 

It can be yes, but it can also be no.

It is said that a gaming chair will benefit your body and posture in the long run. 

However, the answer will depend on your routine, time, or even pocket. 

Before you buy, make sure you know about this particular modern and cool looking chair. 

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Do Gaming Chairs Make a Difference? 

For those who spend hours sitting down in front of the computer, a gaming chair does bring some differences in many aspects. 

In other words: 

You can feel that a gaming chair is better than a regular swivel office chair. 

The main difference comes from its comfort and looks. 

Talking about health support, those who use it can get better posture and vitality. 

The main reason is due to the more extensive range of alteration and focuses on comfort. 

The gaming chair has designs that help absorb body weight, balancing your head and torso to enhance comfort. 

It also has more adjustment abilities for height, armrest, and backrest angle alteration. 

Eye-level computing is the primary concern in the case of a perfect chair. 

The gaming chair comes with adjustable gas-powered lifts, a support pillow, and a recliner. 

It helps level your eyes at the top of the screen. 

Many gaming chairs also come with colorful designs and models. 

Thus it can add some style to the room even though you are not an avid gamer. 

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Are Gaming Chairs Good for Posture and Your Back? 

In this case, a well-built gaming chair will use the most efficient ergonomic design.

The design itself aimed to support your upper back, lower back, shoulder, neck, hips, and arms. 

If you can invest in a high-quality gaming chair, you will most likely get one that helps maintain the correct sitting posture. 

At the same time, the design itself will force you to sit in the proper pose. 

There is no slouching or dangling hand. 

The back support on its recliner will correct your position and posture. 

Thus resulting in reduced back pain, strain, and enhance comfort. 

Some gaming chairs also have lumbar and neck support that provides even more comfort or better back support.

To put it simply:

Using a gaming chair can help maintain your posture and back health. 

It is especially true for those who need to sit for long hours, either for works or playing games. 

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive?

People may consider this chair as not worth it because of the sky-high price. 

Office chairs’ cost can range up to $60, but the cheapest gaming chairs can cost more than $150. 

For the best and high-end gaming chair, the price can reach up to $400. 

But, it doesn’t come with no reasons at all. 

The first reason comes from the higher quality material used for the caster, armrest, backrest, mesh, and finishing part. 

It also looks way cooler than the average office chair. 

The high-quality materials and its carefully-designed model make a more expensive rate. 

But the quality will help in securing the durability and warranty. 

The gaming chair is also called ergonomic chairs. 

To adopt an ergonomic style and functionality, the chair needs many different pieces and considerations.

The adjustability comes hand in hand with comfort. 

You can adjust almost all the chair parts, including the neck pillow, armrest, to the lumbar position, and backrest. 

It adds the utilization flexibility, making it comes with many benefits. 

Some design even uses mesh that enhances breathability and comfort. 

gaming chair benefits

Benefits of a Gaming Chair 

Most of the benefits of the gaming chair come from its ergonomic design and adjustability. 

It will help in rehabilitating the user’s gentle posture. 

The chair can force the user to sit up straight, align the hip, back, legs, upper body, and head in an optimal position. 

As a result, you can encourage relaxing tight muscles in your body. 

With that said, it will affect your body posture. 

At the same time, it encourages you to sit up straight and not to slouch. 

The said proper posture could affect the body’s health condition. 

poor sitting posture can bring harm to your health condition.

With a good sitting posture, you can reduce the chance of having a headache, ease lower back pain, and tension on the neck and shoulder.

Along with it, sitting on the gaming chairs with proper support can increase your lung capacity, blood circulation, and core strength. 

The said health improvement would affect energy levels and working performance. 

With lesser pain and strain that happens on your body, you will have improved concentration. 

That is another benefit that proves gaming chair is worth it even though it is not for gaming. 

The ergonomic chairs come with many adjustability abilities. 

In other words:

The user can adjust the position of the gaming chair, depending on the user’s comfort. 

In this case, you can adjust the high of a swivel chair, the backrest angles, reposition the armrest, or do a slight gentle movement while sitting. 

You can consider it essential since a human cannot stay in static positions for long. 

Some of the gaming chairs are also made with plush and thick seat or backrest padding. 

The main reason is to provide comfort to the people who sit on it. 

Simultaneously, the soft, plush cold-foam padded seat allows the chair to accommodate your body weight. 

Along with it, the foam or the cushion material will pillow your buttock and legs. 

Thus, you can sit down even though you have a weak back muscle. 

The back lumbar and its foamy texture will work to cradle your spine, keeping it upright and stay in the natural curves. 

One more benefit is the possibility to gain and maintain energy for desk work. 

A gaming chair can be very worthy for those whose prone to neck strain, back, or shoulder muscle. 

The ergonomic design will help to prevent slouching position that can affect breathing condition. 

Along with the muscle strain, the depleting oxygen level will cause fatigue and building up lactic acid. 

The other possible health condition that can happen due to the lack of proper sitting posture is bad blood circulation.

At the same time, it also affects the digestion system, which has an obesity risk. 

That is why a correct posture will help to reduce the chance of health problems. 

The list of the health condition ranges from joint stress, improved digestion to reducing migraine or headache. 

All can be reduced if you are using a gaming chair for games or work.

Do Gaming Chairs Last Long? 

Investing in the premium and expensive gaming chair will provide you with better durability. 

Based on several reports from the users I met, the reputable gaming chairs brand can last up to 1 to 3 years. 

But the number really depends on how you use the chair. 

Pro-gamers that spend hours using the chair will prefer expensive brands since it is made with high-quality materials. 

One material that can hold pressure quite well is the premium cold-cure padding. 

The padding can back to its normal state and hold its shapes for years. 

Simultaneously, the steel frame and High-grade PU leather can stay longer with proper care and use. 

Most of the time, the gaming chair’s potential breakdown comes in the form of surface flaking. 

This is especially true if your gaming chair comes with PU leather.

PU leather is known to be very easy to crack and degrade over time.

After the crack happened, you will start to notice flattened padding. 

In this case, the usage and the material will affect the durability. 

Lastly is the structural breakdown that happens more for the cheap product. 

It is because they lack QC and built flimsily using cheap materials. 

What to Consider Before Buying a Gaming Chair 


Even though you will buy the ergonomic chairs, but make sure you are comfortable using them. 

In this case, having a comfortable chair can affect your work and gaming activity. 

At first, it can feel uncomfortable since the chair has a purpose to fix your sitting posture. 

It can get way more uncomfortable if the size and adjustment are improper. 

That is why you have to try the chair before you buy it. 

If possible, you should go to the store and test the chairs in person.

Make sure that the design suits your body size and posture as much as possible. 

If you have a bigger body, then choose one for plus size. 

It also works for those with smaller body size. 


Higher quality materials come at a higher price, but you will get better durability and comfort. 

Most chairs will use sturdy materials such as leather and fabric, which have their plus and minus. 

If you like to snack, PU leather will not get stained. 

The fabric material feels softer and plushy, but it can cause sweat after prolonged use. 

It is also hard to clean when you spill something on it. 

The leather chair will cost heavenly and more sturdy than the PU leather or fabric. 

But, it needs proper care to avoid tear and color waste. 


The gaming chair come in many design and appearance. 

Most of the time, it comes with bold colors and designs that fit for gaming purposes. 

It can look cool, futuristic, or even retro. 

You can choose to make it fit with your gaming room fixture or a nice piece of gaming chair that blends with the furniture.

Some companies offer customization services by allowing your custom design for the chair. 

Most likely, it comes in the form of custom color, picture, or logo and name. 

The customization features available for the extra expense. 

But it will make the design adjustment easier. 


In terms of durability, you can choose those made with high-quality material that has a fantastic price. 

In this case, some factors affecting the durability of your chair. 

They are material, style, usage, and construction. 

You can try to get the fabric gaming chair since it can outlive other materials. 

You can also choose the one made of metal construction rather than plastic. 

It will last longer and hard to break. 

The way you take care and use it will take another most prominent role in its durability. 

That is why you need to do routine maintenance. 


So, are gaming chairs worth it? 

Some of the products come with unique features that you can’t find in the standard office chair. 

If you are okay with the extra expenses, choosing an additional feature such as a headrest speaker will enhance your gaming experience. 

Some other exciting features are the controller and accessories. 

You can also buy with glittering color or more alternation function. 

Determining the features will help you narrow down the selection and make sure the price will be enough for your budget. 

Often, some companies also provide customizable features that add tech to the chair. 

Should I Get a Gaming Chair or Office Chair? 

The answer will be depending on your need. 

Gaming chairs come in a wide array of designs, comfortable padding, have an ergonomic model, backrest angle, and armrest. 

Those components are adjustable and designed to maintain the user’s proper sitting posture. 

It also comes with many other extra features that can enhance comfort or gaming experience. 

Simultaneously, it is very much designed for those who spend a lot of time sitting. 

That is why it can promote a healthy sitting position. 

But it can cost a pretty good sum of your money. 

If you are short on budget, don’t spend much time sitting down, and okay with the standard design, then the office chair is perfect. 

The office chair will come in a simpler design and color. 

There is no lumbar support, backrest recliner, or many adjustable areas. 

That is why the answer to the gaming chairs are worth it is yes or no. 

It hinges on your need and preferences. 

Final Words: Are Gaming Chairs Worth It?

To conclude this guide, you can say that a gaming chair can be worth it for those who are looking for comfort and good sitting posture. 

A good gaming chair and a well-designed gaming chair can help you maintain a good sitting position.

It can improve your back’s health and ease other health conditions.

Plus, it will help you to game or work for an extended period of time.

However, it comes with a premium price tag. 

So if you are looking to allocate your budget, prioritize most of your budget to the PC first.

A gaming chair can come down later down the line after you get more money.

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